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Updated by John H Armstrong on Mar 18, 2014
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Week of 3/17/14

A possible NCAA match made in Big Five heaven

Nothing against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers, who earned their place in the NCAA tournament just like the others and were rewarded with an opening game against Villanova on Thursday, but there isn't a sports fan in Philadelphia not thinking ahead, even just a little bit, to the possibility of what might come after that.

Plane search expands from Australia to Kazakhstan

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - The search for the missing Malaysian jet pushed deep into the northern and southern hemispheres Monday as Australia scoured the southern Indian Ocean and Kazakhstan - more than 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) to the northwest - answered Malaysia's call for help in the unprecedented hunt.

Athletes using meditation to improve performance

For 15 minutes a day, Tim Frazier, Penn State's senior point guard, finds a quiet place, switches on a podcast, and meditates.

Hellishly hot chicken and a perfectly fine pig-out

So much of the rest of the menu at the Fat Ham is loosely interpreted, a personalized scrapbook of flavors reimagined by an admiring, but ultimately distant chef - a faithful Nashville chicken, perhaps, gives him the liberty to stray.

Three Ellie Gouldings, and all good

It's no immediately easy feat figuring out singer/ songwriter Ellie Goulding. If you were to look to the legion of tween girls that packed her sold-out Liacouras Center show at Temple University on Friday night, you'd gather the Brit lass with the long blond tresses, black hoodie, and short-shorts was their nice pop-top goddess and theirs alone: Miley without the crotch shots.

What chickadees can tell us about climate

About 15 years ago, Villanova University biology professor Robert Curry was looking for a project that would allow his students to investigate something interesting without much travel.

Program grows business in the Latino community

The preparations were another step on Muñoz's path to mogul status that began when she stepped into a Kennett Square classroom for a program designed to encourage business development in the Latino community.

"How to Succeed as a Latino Entrepreneur" is a bilingual course offered by Kutztown University's Latino Business Resource Center. The eight-week seminar teaches aspiring business people the intricacies of business plans, marketing, finance, loans, insurance, and legal issues.

'American Hustle' more fiction than fact, say key Abscam players

"It was a guy thing," says Paul R. Rosen. "Not a woman near it." The movie American Hustle is a far cry from the real Abscam sting and trials. Just ask those who were actually involved. Many are still around, and several have seen the movie.

Sideshow: Troubles continue for Chris Brown

More jail for Chris Brown? Should we feel empathy for trouble-magnet Chris Brown or revel in his misfortune? The singer spent the weekend in a Los Angeles jail after he was kicked out of the court-ordered rehab where he was being treated "for anger management, substance abuse, and issues related to bipolar disorder," as Variety puts it.

Martelli's grandson steals the show

CBS asked for permission first. Staffers had seen Phil Martelli's grandson, Philip, right behind the St. Joseph's bench during the Atlantic 10 tournament, acting like . . . Phil Martelli.

Would it be OK to make him part of the telecast?

They should have asked: Do you mind if your 4-year-old grandson steals the show, even as the Hawks win the A-10 title for the first time since 1997?