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Amazing 3D Tattoos

Twitter / PsychYoung: crazy cool head piece! no wonder ...

crazy cool head piece! no wonder woman says us guys are hard headed! artist: unknown #tattoo

50 Best 3D Tattoos That Make Your Skin Crawl

Gross to some and desirable to others, there's no escaping the wonder of 3D tattoos and the phenomenon that is modern day body art...

3D Tattoos That Will Boggle Your Mind |

40 of the best 3D tattoos gathered from around the world! These amazing 3D tattoos are guaranteed to make your jaw hit the floor.

You Won't Believe What This Girl Has Done To Her Leg. This Latest Craze Is Catching On Fast. WOW.

You Won't Believe What This Girl Has Done To Her Leg. This Latest Craze Is Catching On Fast. WOW. This is an example of a recent body-modification trend. This is not a fake leg, as it may seem at first glance. This was actually done to her own leg.

25 Awesome 3D Tattoo Designs for your inspiration

Please enable javascript to view this site. 25 of the best 3D tattoos compiled for your inspiration. You thought you have the best tattoo in the World? If you watch this think again, for this is the coolest and awesome 3D tattoo designs you will ever see.

Open wounds, scratch marks and cycloptic monsters: The latest 3D tattoo trend

The next step in extreme body modification is 3D tattoo art, the latest craze to be inking itself all over the bodies of the daring few who want to go one step further than simply having a few tacky stars or Chinese symbols on them for life.

64 Amazing 3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Socks Off

What happens when you combine optical illusions and tattoos? Super awesome 3D tattoos that will blow your mind, that's what. Most of these will wow you, others will make you wonder why someone would be compelled to have this done. Either way these artists are truly...

You Won't Believe How Real These Skin-Splitting, 3D Tattoos Look (Photos)

There are a bunch of different types of crazy art, but body art, like tattoos, is where things get even crazier. If you genuinely believe that tattoos are insane to begin with, what you're about to see will blow you away. Introducing the latest body modification trend: 3D tattoos.

26 3-D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for inspiration for your next ink investment? Look no further than this amazing collection of 3d tattoo art! On Visual News, we've brought you numerous examples of 3d anamorphic illustrations on notebooks, sidewalks, and paper, but now we're happy to present the same techniques applied to human skin!

Take a look at some of the FREAKIEST new 3D tattoos: Featuring blood, guts and scorpions

The latest craze in body modification is to have tattoos popping out of the skin. Or, at least, appearing to. 3D tattoo art is designed to shock, from a creepy one-eyed monster seeming to peel back its host's flesh to a scorpion poised to attack and even buttons "sewn" onto the skin.