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Sweet Surf Beaches Around the World

Here are some examples of incredible beaches where you can catch some sick waves!

Pipeline, oahu, Hawaii

This pipeline is incredible, many surfers dream of coming here. It is one of the heaviest waves in the world, so many of you will never be good enough to surf it! It is thought to be one of natures finest creations.

Mavericks, California

This location has some legendary waves, only the most daring surfers have enough guts to ride it. If you make even the slittiest mistake while riding this wave you could be dead meat. The few surfers who have the guts to ride this 25 metre high wave, can only reach the wave on jet ski or boat.

Eisbach, Munich

This is one of the strangest surfing spots. The wave is in an artificial river where the metre high wave doesn't move and remains in the same spot because of the water pumping fast against the rocks creating a crest.

The Box, Margaret River Valley, Australia

This area is infested with sharks, but many believe it is worth the risk because of its such a powerful wave and you feel your adrenaline rushing as you surf it.

Coconuts, Samoa

Even the professionals come close to falling on this wave over 150 metres on top of live coral.

Backdoor, Oahu, Hawaii

Only professionals should surf this spot, since it has a reef at the bottom. This wave creates many killer tubes!

Jaws, Maui, Hawaii

This waves can get up to an astonishing height of 27 metres and only an extreme daredevil would ride this wave. There are many deadly consequences, like the two giant barrels.

Rincon, Santa Barbara, California

It doesn't break very often, but when it does it is the ideal place for any surfer to experience so waves. This place is very famous and when the conditions are right everyone is out in the water.

Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

This beautiful bay is full of locals trying to catch a wave. Finding the right break is tricky, but when you do you'll discover its worth the wait.

Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa

This bay offers fast breaks and long barrels. It is divided into sections depending on what type of wave you want there is lots of variety.