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Evoke Modern Homes Blog

Geometric Decor for the Modern Home

Try adding pieces with geometric shapes or patterns to create a bold accent to your home décor.

How to Capture Midcentury Modern Design in Your Home

EVOKE homes are characterized by the clean, simple lines that flow throughout the home. That's why we love midcentury modern interior design - furnishings within this design scheme are known for their effortless simplicity and fit solidly into the contemporary design sensibility we try to cultivate in each home.

Summer Decorating for the Modern Home

Summer is just around the corner! Is your home ready to welcome in the new season? Check out some of our summer decorating tips to transition your home from spring to summer.

Creating a Focal Point with Modern Barstools

Even with a beautifully appointed dining space, your guests and family still tend to congregate in the kitchen for dinner parties and routine meals. After all, everyone wants to be close to the action and get the first whiff of whatever is being pulled from the oven.

Moroccan Décor for the Modern Home

Many modern homeowners look for ways they can add a touch of the exotic to their home to give their home décor a bit of an eclectic flair. One of the ways you can accomplish this goal is through a modern Moroccan motif. We've searched out some great items that exemplify Moroccan décor with a modern sensibility.

Add a Splash of Color with a Bold Accent Wall

As with many things in life, balance is the key to good design in a modern home. For example, if you add too much color or texture a home looks chaotic, but if you add too little a home looks stark. One way you can achieve balance in your design is with a bold accent wall.

Spring Green: A Fresh Pop of Color for Your Home Décor

Spring is in the air - you can see glimpses of its arrival throughout the Northwest as the cherry blossoms bloom and as the first hints of leaves return to the trees. This change of season and the emergence of fresh greenery can inspire your home decorating, and a pop of spring green is the perfect way to embrace spring indoors.

Modern Metallics for the Contemporary Home

Metallic decor helps establish a polished, contemporary feel in the home. Check out the EVOKE Modern Design Blog for inspiration on how to decorate with.

Modern Terrariums: Bringing Nature Indoors

Calling all nature lovers: You can demonstrate your love for the great outdoors in your home design by adding beautiful terrariums to your home. Get inspired to bring nature indoors in our new blog.

When Less is More: Decorating with Neutrals

Bold colors aren't for everyone. Check out our new blog for some fresh ideas to make a neutral color scheme pop!

Selecting Furniture for a Modern Home

Break free of convention! Read these tips about choosing Modern Home Furniture on the EVOKE design blog!

Branching Out: Decorating with Tree Branches

We love exploring ways contemporary homeowners can incorporate a love of the outdoors in their home decor. In our latest blog, we explore some great tips for decorating with tree branches!

Thinking in the Abstract: The Ultimate Modern Design Concept

Abstract art and furniture are stand-out trends in modern home design. Take a look at our new blog to get inspired by some of the pieces that we feel exemplify an abstract design theme.

Grit & Glamour: Modern Industrial Design

The modern industrial look has risen to prominence in interior design. Get ideas to bring this aesthetic to life in your own home in our new blog!

Elegant Entryways: Design Ideas for Great First Impressions

There's no better way to make a first impression in your home than with beautiful entryway design. Check out our latest blog for some great modern entryway ideas!

5 Outstanding Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

All the sunshine we've been seeing this spring is inspiring us to spend more time outdoors! Take a look at some great Modern Outdoor Furniture ideas in our latest design blog!

Introducing EVOKE West of Market

We're pleased to announce EVOKE West of Market, a stunning new modern home in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Kirkland. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind home and watch a video about EVOKE's modern home features in our new blog!

Be Transparent: Clear Furniture in Modern Design

Minimalism is among the most prominent themes of modern home design, and one of the secrets to achieving an understated look in your home is to create open space any way you can. Using transparent furniture is one way to create the illusion of open space while still allowing a variety of functional pieces in your home.

Striking Silhouettes: Modern Design With Cut Outs

In previous blog posts, we've discussed how geometric shapes are used extensively in modern home design. One way to incorporate geometric elements aside from choosing furnishings with an overt geometric structure is to choose pieces with cut-outs.

Working in Style: Modern Home Offices That Make an Impact

With 1 in 5 Americans now working from home, having a functional and attractive home office has never been more essential. Even so, for many homeowners, a home office is a drab space where you sit down to do tedious tasks. Design-wise, this space is often an afterthought.

Heavenly Herringbone: A Modern Take on a Timeless Pattern

Herringbone is an enduring pattern in home design that is versatile enough to work in varied décor schemes. It blends in seamlessly with everything from midcentury modern to art deco to classic.

Indigo Dreams: Decorating with Deep Blue

Did you know the color indigo promotes a feeling of calm and serenity in the home? Read our latest blog post to explore some beautiful indigo pieces for your home.

Taking Shape: Geometric Furniture for the Modern Home

Geometric design is one of the modern interior design trends we've been seeing lately. Take a look at our latest blog post to see some excellent examples of geometric furniture to inspire your own decorating!

Child's Play: Creating Modern Kids Rooms

At EVOKE, we love creating forward-thinking, modern homes with your lifestyle and family in mind. For families with children, we listen closely to your needs for kid-friendly spaces. Get inspired to create amazing modern kids spaces in our latest blog post!

Spine-chillingly Cool: Modern Halloween Decor

Want a polished look for your modern home this Halloween? Since traditional Halloween decor, like witches and skeletons, isn't for everyone, we've gathered some great ideas for modern Halloween decor in our latest blog post!