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Updated by Mahesh Mohan on Jun 15, 2014
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My Favorite Quotes [Mashup]

Here's a list of my favorite quotes that I've collected over the past several years.


My Favorite Inspirational Quotes - Creativity, Life, Self, Success

Most of us seek inspiration from a lot of things and the most common is famous quotes or sayings. They work like magic at times, at least for me. These quotes at times relate to current situations or turbulences going on in our life and work like a helping hand to pull us out of the dilemma.

My Favorite Motivational Quotes - Ideas, Innovation, Startups

Motivation is what we look around for, be it for a new beginning, a change in the old environment, to redo something, or just to be inspired! And when it comes to innovation, quotes are inevitable, and that too from people who have perceived ideas differently to produce their creative best.

Over 60 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes You Should Know

The ever important keynotes of Steve Jobs have caught my attention since the introduction of the Apple iPhone 5. I had always read about his presentation style and simplicity in the past but never paid attention to those keynotes myself except for the iPod nano presentation. You ever wonder what this pocket's for?

Over 60 Famous Inspirational Bill Gates Quotes You Should Know

If you're an entrepreneur ( or wanna be an entrepreneur) then you need some motivation, don't you? And motivation needs regular top-ups. I have already shared a list of 99 evergreen quotes on entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs by various persons and another list of 79 famous quotes on investing by Warren Buffett 3 years ago.

101 Inspiring Warren Buffett Quotes On Investing

Warren Buffett better known as the "Oracle of Omaha", "Sage of Omaha" or "Wizard of Omaha" is obviously the most successful investor of all times. He is not only known for his investment philosophy but also for his great quotes on investing.

99 Inspirational & Motivational Quotes On Entrepreneurship

Are you an Entrepreneur? If so I've mined the Internet for Best Quotes on Entrepreneurship to inspire and motivate you. I'm sharing 99 of them which I liked the most. Please feel free to leave your valuable comments below and let me know what do you feel about the same!

61 "Hand-picked" Inspirational Quotes About Life, Success & Change

A little inspiration to start a new moth with fervor hasn't harmed anyone. Has it? The 1st of July marks the beginning of the second half of this year. So if you were thinking that 2013 hasn't treated you well in the first half, gear up and be inspired to have a fantastic second half.

75 Quotes On Perfection & Excellence For The Perfectionists

" Perfection simply doesn't exist", " It is a slow death" - You've heard this before, haven't you? But you're not going to listen to them, are you? If you're not among those who compromise and settle for less than perfection, then the following inspiring quotes on " Perfection" and " Excellence " should motivate you to do even better.