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The Things We Do for Beauty Part Deux: Beauty Gone Bad

In today's world, we go to great lengths to achieve a certain level of beauty. The following is a list of attempts at enhancing beauty that backfired catastrophically.

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Teen Cannot Eat or Bathe on Own Following Complications From Breast Augmentation Surgery, Coma

Linda Perez, 19, sought a breast augmentation and got more than she bargained for. The surgery went awry and Perez suffered a coma and subsequent brain damage that has drastically altered her life. She now must have round the clock care and the young woman cannot even feed herself. Authorities suspect former felon and discount anesthesiologist Dr. Mario Alberto Diaz of possibly having some involvement or committing malpractice.

(NBC Miami 6)

Beauty Gone Bad

A young girl went to get her upper lip waxed for a school dance and instead of just having the hair removed, part of her lip was removed as well. The girl said the wax seemed hotter than normal, but the real pain started when her skin came off with a rip of the strip. The salon responsible was not licensed to wax at the time the girl was injured.

(CBS Philadelphia 3)

Please Girls, Think Twice Before You Have A Labiaplasty

I did not want to use this source because, wow, it's not a good website, but I chose this entry because I thought this was an impassioned plea that was posted in completely the wrong spot and deserves to be seen. Some women get plastic surgery on their vagina- for purely cosmetic reasons. This is an incredibly delicate area and probably shouldn't be cut into for any reason ever. The comment made by the person who runs the site is truly disgusting and shows where the pressure to undergo this surgery comes from: assholes who value their own sexual preferences over the health of their female partners.


Tan Mom tries Stand-up

Tan Mom, aka Patricia Krentcil, aka the woman who was accused of child abuse for tanning her six-year-old daughter, tried her hand at stand-up with the encouragement of Michael Lohan. It would seem, however, that Krentcil has cooked all of the funny out of her body, because the audience booed her constantly. Regardless of her lack of intentional comedic value, she still remains a pseudo-celebrity.


Butt Implants Gone Bad

If you put something you're not supposed to in your butt, you will probably end up in the hospital. Many Venezuelan women have discovered this after receiving silicone "butt implant" injections to enhance their derrieres. The substance, since it is not formed into an implant, is free to roam around the body and is causing these women all sorts of health problems. Most of them claim they cannot sit because they are in so much pain. Fifteen women died from these "butt implants" between 2011 and 2013.

(Daily Mail Online)

Tummy Tuck to Tummy Tear to Terror

Get ready- 'cause this one's gross. A woman went in for a tummy tuck and ended up with humongous craters in her skin at the site of the incision. She had to wear a "wound-vacuum" to keep her wounds from worsening. She wanted a simple tummy tuck after giving birth because the rough pregnancy had taken a toll on her body. Though she now has less excess skin, she also has a humongous scar across her abdomen that makes her look like a magician's assistant who has been put back together after being sawed in half.


Celebrity Swan and the Ugly Ducklings It Creates

If you don't remember FOX's show "The Swan," you're lucky, and I'm sorry to do this to you, but I'm about to remind you. The Swan was a show on which women competed in challenges to win plastic surgery. Lorrie Arias, former contestant on the show, vocally protested the re-vamping of the series because post-surgery life has been a nightmare for her. Psychological issues with plastic surgery were not adequately addressed by therapists on the show and Arias is now a 300-pound agoraphobic and self proclaimed "mess."

(New York Post)

Surgery Gone Wrong Produces Batman Villain

Okay, not really. But this woman was given the name "Cement Face" after a black market plastic surgeon injected her face with a toxic mix of materials, and her body did not respond well (obviously). Fortunately for Cement Face, another doctor has offered to try to remove the implants and restore her face, so hopefully soon people will just be calling her Face.

(Medical Daily)

Man Gets Beard Implant, Doesn't Like It, Comes After Nurse with Knife

Beard implants are all the rage lately, but apparently a bad beard can result in rage. A man complained to his doctor after undergoing beard implant surgery that he was not satisfied with the results. The doctor told him he would need to wait for the implant to heal and take effect. The man, not satisfied with this either, decided to attack people working in the office, stabbing several nurses in the face.

(Beijing Cream)

Woman is left blind after botched surgery

Jennifer Finlan is suing after her planned six-hour tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction surgery lasted over nine hours and she lost sight in both of her eyes. Sean Darcy, the man who performed the surgery did not reveal to the patient that he had been dismissed from his previous plastic surgeon residency for failing to meet basic surgical standards. Darcy filed his appeal to this dismissal the same day he performed Finlan's surgery.

(San Diego Reader)

Women Suffers nerve damage and depression after mole removal

Courtney Meppen-Walter had a minor surgery to remove a mole from her forehead, but something went wrong, according to Meppen-Walter. She became obsessed with the surgery and began to feel pain in her scar due to nerve damage. Her psychological situation deteriorated to the point where she decided to end her own life and even thoroughly researched suicide options before overdosing in her home.

(The Telegraph)

Design & Trend

Mar 05, 2014 10:27 AM EST by Peter Black Human Ken doll Justin Jedlica has now had 145 plastic surgeries-and he's not stopping. Jedlica has paid over $168,000 for the surgeries, which included five rhinoplasties, a cranial drown bone shape, and numerous augmentations to his face, chest, and legs.

Real-Life Barbie Says She Doesn't Need Food Or Water

Valeria Lukyanova. Ukrainian model and "Real-Life Barbie," has undergone quite a bit of surgery to create her doll-like appearance. She now claims she is a "breatharian" and, like the real Barbie doll, aspires to live on light and air alone. No food. No water. Nothing. Lukyanova claims her appearance and diet are an expression of her spirituality--in Barbie we trust.

(Huffington Post)

Plastic Surgery Horror Story: A 28-Year-Old Turned 60

Xiao Lian underwent budget surgery at age 17 to make her face seem more full. Several years later, her face began to swell and her health began to deteriorate--she even started losing hair. The cause? The budget surgery was cheap for a reason- the substance injected into Lian's face had been banned from cosmetic use because of its harmful effects on the body. Doctors have attempted to restore her face, but most of the damage is irreversible.


Bieber Fan Had $100K Worth Of Plastic Surgery To Look Like His Idol

Toby Sheldon has spent over five years and one-hundred-thousand dollars to look like his idol, Justin Bieber. I'm sure Bieber no longer looks like the look Sheldon was trying to copy, but neither does Sheldon. I'm not sure what the plan was here. Become the Biebs? Do a wacky twin movie with your Canadian pop-star idol? Neither of these goals have been accomplished and if I have to look at his picture any longer, I think I might throw up! Sheldon seems pleased with his look, which seems to be the most disturbing thing of all.

(Huffington Post)

Kanye West's mom dies after cosmetic surgery

It would seem that hubris runs in the West family. Donda West, Kanye's then 58-year-old mother, decided to go under the knife for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Despite the doctor's warnings to stay in the hospital in the 48 hours following her surgery, Donda went home and unfortunately ended up bleeding out and passing away shortly after reaching the hospital with paramedics.

(NY Daily News)

Silicone breast explodes upon landing at Los Angeles airport

This story inspired a 1000 Ways To Die segment entitled "Titty Titty Bang Bang." In the real-life version, however, the woman in question did not die, nor did her chest "explode," but one of her F-sized breast implants ruptured while on the plane. The rupture was believed to be caused by a defect in the implant exacerbated by the changes in pressure provided when flying.


Lauren Yardley: British Woman Whose Breast Implant fell out (PHOTOS)

WARNING: Graphic content if you click through. Lauren Yardley underwent breast augmentation and was dismayed when her body rejected one of her implants. She went back to the doctor for further surgery, but things only got worse. Her implant literally FELL OUT where the incision had been made under her breast. But apparently the third time is a charm because Yardley has undergone a third and successful surgery and claims to have no regrets.


The changing face of Pete Burns

It's difficult to describe this 26 photo series in words. Watch Pete Burns, lead singer of Dead or Alive, the band famous for the single "You Spin Me Round," transform into a being that no longer resembles his former self. Truly frightening pictures of excessive plastic surgery you have to see to believe.

(Daily Magazine)

Cosmetic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her own face

Hang Mioku, who was addicted to surgery and subsequently barred from further surgeries, found someone equally insane to continue giving her silicone injections and even syringes to take home! Home-plastic surgery! She ran out of silicone and decided to just inject whatever she could find in the kitchen into her face. Surgeons worked to remove the foreign substances from her face, and Mioku wishes for her old face back.

(The Telegraph)