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Web 2.0 - Curation

Best Free Content Curation Tools

Content Curation Tools

Why You Should Be Tagging Your Curriculum

by Terry Heick You probably should be tagging your curriculum. It's 2014. It's time. Tagging is is the labeling of content based on any chosen criteria. When I write a blog post for TeachThought, I "tag" it to make it searchable, so that it is more likely to show up when you search for it.

- Student Curators: Powerful Learning

The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators. Site contains a Software Reviews Database, articles from Technology & Learning Magazine, articles from Educators in Educators' eZine, Event and Contest listings, Reader suggested Web sites, and weekly news updates on education technology leaders.

Flipboard As a Textbook Replacement let me clarify that title. I honestly think textbooks are on their way out...or at least I hope they are. Really it should read " Flipboard as core curation artifact for classrooms" but that wouldn't have you here reading now would it. I'm in love with Flipboard.

eduClipper App

We are a social community of learners (teachers and students) creating and sharing the best content to enhance our teaching and learning. eduClipper lets you clip anything and share everything. From the things you find on the web to all the awesome work that you create.

Free Technology for Teachers: 15 Options for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos - Including on Chromebooks

For the next few days I'm taking some time off to relax, play with my dogs, and ski with friends. Rather than leave the blog dormant for a few days, I'm re-running some of the most popular posts of the year. TechSmith Snagit is a screen capture tool from the producers of the popular screencasting tools Jing and Camtasia.

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week - Image Attribution Helper

When I don't have an image of my own to use and cannot find a public domain image to use in a presentation I turn to searching for Creative Commons-licensed images on Flickr. Alan Levine developed a browser bookmarklet that helps me quickly formatting Creative Commons licensed images found on Flickr.

Tools for Professional Learning: Curate, Share, Connect

For six years, I taught in a basement classroom with no windows, and yet I could see what was happening around the world thanks to the Internet. Though I tried learning something new each day, until I put systems in place, I spent more time searching for materials than actually learning.

Curation tools to help you cope with info-overload

How, Google Plus & Twitter can turn chaos into order If you do anything professionally related to online technology, you understand the immense amount of data you need to sort through each day. There are the daily content roundups, blogs to read, Facebook posts and to check, tweets to scroll through and news sites.

The Public Domain Review

In the mid 17th-century John Comenius published what many consider to be the first picture book dedicated to the education of young children, Orbis Sensualium Pictus - or The World of Things Obvious to the Senses drawn in Pictures, as it was rendered in English.

Content Curation World -

What a Content Curator Needs To Know: How, Tools, Issues and Strategy

Content Discovery, Curation Tools and Sites

Tools and sites to support discovering and curating material on the social web

Product Review: Been for Education

5/20/2014 By: Product: Been for Education ( By David Kapuler Been for Education is a new site that allows educators to safely browse and curate the web with their students for collaboratively learning. Quality and Effectiveness Been for Education is an ideal tool to use in an educational setting due to its safety features and its utility across any curriculum, class, or subject.

3 Smart Ways to Share Web Content and Playlists with Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 5 , 2014 Searching the web can be a daunting and time consuming task particularly for the less search savvy students. Needless to mention the proliferation of junk information and amateur knowledge that can deceptively lure students into using it as a source in their learning projects.


Be part of our learning community that is all about exploring, learning, creating, and sharing your best work!

Wepware :: Share your vision

Grab live snapshots of anything on the internet, organize your collected content into folders and share with friends through SNS.

Curation as a tool for teaching and learning

Curation - is it the new search tool ( Valenza 2011), the new search ( Good 2012), the future of Web 2.0 ( Boyd 2010), or the new black ( O'Connell 2012)? What is curation anyway, and how can it be used as a tool for student and teacher learning?

Blogging as a Curation Platform

I have written about curation before using Twitter as a Curation Tool and about the importance of helping our Students Becoming Curators of Information. Sue Waters also just published a very comprehensive Curation: Creatively Filtering Content on her blog. According to Heidi Cohen Content curation requires more than just the selection of information.

Content Curation Tools: 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One

Nonetheless we are just at the beginning of a new era, in which content curation will be as important as search, there is already an apparent abundance of content curation tools of all kinds.

The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process

Museums curate works of art. We digital marketers curate blog posts. Though our link shares may not be artistic contributions, the idea of curation is at least the same at museums and online: We're all seeking only the best material to pass along to our patrons, customers, fans, or followers.

Social Media Content Curation

News, Trends, New Tools about Content Curation and Social Media: One Universe to allow people to get access to more specialized sources.

Digital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies

The slides were used in my talk about digital curation given at the Central NY ASTD Event held at the Everson Museum on 7/31/14

Curation: Creatively Filtering Content

We are living in an era of information overload. So much content is shared online that curation is needed as a way to get value out of the information flood. | Organize the Web in your way

ScissorsFly organizes all your favorite web content in one place, in your way. | Scrapbook | Web Clipper | Social Network | Scissors Fly

Free Technology for Teachers: Pearltrees - Visually Organize and Share Collections of Files and Links
Pearltrees is a visual bookmarking tool that I first tried nearly five years ago. Over the years it has changed in response to feedback from its users. One of those changes was a transition from free-form webs of related files and links to its current format of visual squares and folders.