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Industrial Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plant Manufacturer India - Universal Boschi

Oxygen Nitrogen Plant, Using world class raw material Universal Boschi manufactures Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plant. Using Italian Boschi technology the gas plant will have become so advanced that it can generate 99.7% pure oxygen and 99.9% pure nitrogen gas in huge amount


Industrial Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants Exporter

Manufacturer Supplier of Oxygen Nitrogen Plants fabricated with Italian Boschi technology which produce both oxygen and nitrogen gas filling in cylinders.

Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants India

Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants - Universal Industrial Plants Mfg. Co. Pvt Ltd, New Delhi provides Oxygen Plants, Oxygen Gas Plants, Gas Cylinders and Cryogenic Storage Tanks from India.


Uses of Liquid Oxygen in Diving

Uses of Liquid Oxygen in Diving

The wonderful invention of scuba diving which makes it possible to breath under water. Yes, at low depth we can breathe easily using scuba diving equipment. Scuba suits allow human to take “liquid oxygen” and breathe normally like fishes. In this kit, liquid oxygen is filled into cylinders and an enclosed diving helmet is used and you can enjoy diving but only around 70m depth, for diving it is difficult to breathe. We make liquid oxygen generating system that can generate 99.7% oxygen gas that is medically approved. So industries which need liquid oxygen making machinery can contact us soon here- Liquid oxygen plant/machinery manufacturer India

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Oxygen Plants

Oxygen plant manufacturers fabricate oxygen plants for artificial production of oxygen for applications in the industry. There are so many manufacturers in the market but you cannot say that all of them are known for offering high quality machinery. Though there are so many manufacturer but still it is so difficult find one that is reputed for offering the best oxygen generating systems at competitive prices. Moreover, if you know exactly what you are looking to accomplish by buying the plant, this would help you a great way in purchasing the right plant. It is important for you to know what makes a high quality product. If you know how to research online, you will find the product that you are looking for. It is important that you should be able to differentiate an average oxygen plant supplier from the reputed one.

There are many oxygen plant manufacturers in India that offer oxygen plants but not all of them counted upon to deliver high quality machinery. However, there are a few oxygen plant suppliers that have made their name by selling high quality oxygen machinery in the international market. Now, the important question is how to identify the quality oxygen plant supplier. It is not difficult as you just to identify four important features that characterize a top quality manufacturer. It is assumed that you know a great deal about the oxygen gas machinery.

Assuming that you have the advanced knowledge of the machinery, you will agree that (1) Technology, (2) Design (3) Quality and (4) Installation and after sales service can be considered as the factors that determine level of the manufacturer.

Let’s take up technology first. There is no denying that it is the technology is the most important factor in that decides the efficiency of the machine. Obviously, you should mark out oxygen plant suppliers that use advanced technology in the fabrication of the oxygen plants. Design is another feature that distinguishes high quality machinery from the average one. Reputed oxygen gas plant suppliers will always manufacturer machines that are based superb designs and layouts. Performance of the machine would depend a lot on the two factors.

The important factors are quality and installation. Well-known oxygen plant manufacturers implement strict quality control measures in their manufacturing operations. Besides, their plants are also ISO 9001:2008 and CE certified. They also take care of the entire process of setting up the oxygen plant from erection, commissioning to the installation at the client’s site.

Use Industrial Oxygen Gas Plant for Producing High Purity Oxygen

Industrial oxygen plant is widely used in industries for generating high purity oxygen. The plants are fabricated using the latest cutting-edge cryogenic technology. Being the leading oxygen gas plant manufacturers, we use the best quality raw material in the making of our oxygen plant machinery. We have emerged as the leaders in the fabricating, manufacturing and supplying oxygen gas plants. Our machinery comes in various sizes and capacities ranging from 20m3/hour to 5,000m3/hour.

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Manufacturer in India

"PSA nitrogen gas plant is used for generating nitrogen gas for industrial and medical applications. It is an industrial system that is used in wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, oil & gas, steel making, food packaging, construction, manufacturing, cry-preservation and many others. "

Industrial Grade Oxygen Purity Level

Industrial grade oxygen is generated in oxygen gas plants that are fabricated with the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Industrial oxygen is separated from the atmospheric by liquefaction at very cold temperatures. As the gases differ at different temperatures, it is possible to capture pure oxygen.

Industrial Oxygen Generator Manufacturers in India

We are reputed manufacturers, fabricators and exporters of high quality industrial oxygen generators. Our plants are manufactured in technical collaboration with “ING. L. & A. Boschi”, which is an internationally acclaimed Italian company. This company is known for manufacturing and exporting oxygen gas generators world-wide.

Oxygen Nitrogen Plants

We, at Universal Boschi, manufacture and export oxygen nitrogen plants as per the latest technology along with designs and drawings of the Company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI, ITALY. The Boschi technology has been proven worldwide for its working efficiency, high performance & trouble free operation.

Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants Supplier

Oxygen Nitrogen Plant- Manufacturers and Exporter of Oxygen Nitrogen gas Cylinder filing Plants with Medium Pressure technology.

Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plant

With industry expertise and professional commitment, Universal Boschi has successfully emerged as a leading manufacturer of oxygen/nitrogen gas plants as per the latest technology & designs of the Company - ING. L. & A. BOSCHI, ITALY. The BOSCHI technology is acclaimed all over the world, and is recognized for its efficiency, performance & trouble free operation.

Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Plants India

We are Providing Nitrogen Gas Plant, Industrial Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants, Liquid Nitrogen Generator Manufactures and Cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant Suppliers in India.


Biggest Use of Liquid Oxygen Plant

Biggest Use of Liquid Oxygen Plant

In 1923 liquid oxygen was used first time in liquid rocket in which liquid oxygen was used as oxidizer and gasoline as fuel. Now a day, each medical and hospital industry requires cylinders of oxygen gas. These cylinders are filled with liquid oxygen and have very low temperature. Liquid oxygen plant generates 99.7% pure oxygen gas in liquid form. Biggest Use of Liquid Oxygen Plant


Special Features of Liquid Oxygen Plant Made in India

Special Features of Liquid Oxygen Plant Made in India

In space shuttle liquid oxygen has wide application. Output generated by liquid oxygen plant are works an oxidizer in shuttle. Liquid storage tank are designed to hold liquefied gas at very low temperature (297F). Now portable liquid oxygen tank are available in market which can be uses at home safely. View- Special Features of Liquid Oxygen Plant Made in India


Application of Nitrogen in the Steel Industry

Application of Nitrogen in the Steel Industry

Nitrogen is known as the largest consumed gas in the industry. In the steel industry, it is used as a high pressure gas for laser cutting of steel and metal. It is averred that using nitrogen has numerous benefits as compared to using its alternatives such as oxygen. Because of the inert properties of nitrogen, it is used as a blanketing gas. Nitrogen blanketing finds application in safeguarding flammable liquids and solids from the dangers of oxidation. The gas is used for protection of various food products and chemicals from degradation due to moisture and oxygen. On the other hand, it is also used for sparging, which involves bubbling of nitrogen through liquid for removing unwanted volatile elements. Contact - Liquid(Gas also) Nitrogen Plant Manufacturer