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Resources - School Leadership

School Leadership: Resource Roundup

Whether you're an administrator or a teacher leader, you will find some great advice and tips in this list of videos, blogs, and articles on school leadership.

The No. 1 Time Management Mistake Capable People Make

A friend of mine is an executive for an organization with global reach. He is intelligent and driven, but constantly distracted. At any given time he will have Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and multiple IM conversations going. The majority of them are useful in some way.

7 Pillars Of Digital Leadership In Education

by Eric Sheninger, Principal at New Milford High School in New Jersey As schools change leadership must as well. With society becoming more and more reliant on technology it is incumbentuponleaders to harness the power of digital technologies in order to create school cultures that are transparent, relevant, meaningful, engaging, and inspiring.

Principals Test Entrepreneurial Ideas in K-12

Negotiating lucrative partnerships with companies and organizations. Creating a brand and aggressively marketing it. Breaking with traditional operating methods. Taking risks. These are some of the strategies used by entrepreneurs operating in the business world-and, increasingly, they're the kinds of approaches being used by K-12 principals to manage and run their schools.

Leaders: Get Out of Your Office!

Today's guest post is written by four school Administrators in California who believe in being highly visible on their campuses, while staying connected through a plethora of digital tools throughout their day. After first hearing about #NoOfficeDay on Twitter last year it actually made me kind of laugh.

Getting the Most Out of Classroom Observations

By following these suggestions, principals can set a more positive, focused and goal-oriented tone to the observation process. The result will be happier teachers and genuine sense of fulfillment, knowing that you are satisfying one of the most important tasks in your role as instructional leader.

Reimagining Classroom Walkthroughs

Ross Cooper Supervisor of Instructional Practice K-12, Salisbury Township School District In a recent post for Education Week, Peter DeWitt details some of the problems with classroom observations. This got me thinking about the ways in which a school's or district's walkthrough tool could be reimagined from the ground up for the benefit of all parties involved.

Leading People When They Know More than You Do

If you’re a manager in a knowledge-driven industry, chances are you’re an expert in the area you manage. Try to imagine a leader without this expertise doing your job. You’ll probably conclude it couldn’t be done. But as your career advances, at some point you will be promoted into a job which includes responsibility for areas outside your specialty. Your subordinates will ask questions that you cannot answer and may not even understand. How can you lead them when they know a lot more about their work than you do? Welcome to reality: You are now the leader without expertise—and this is where you, possibly for the first time in your career, find yourself failing. You feel frustrated, tired and disoriented, even angry. This is the point where careers can derail. If you get to this point, or see yourself headed in this direction, what can you do?

School Leaders: Tips for Coaching Your Super Teachers

Anyone who is willing to be a teacher is a superhero in my book. I admire and honor any person that is willing to interact with students of any age and openly engage with students who are interested, oblivious, and even antagonistic.

What Makes a GREAT Principal?

We might not be clear about what makes a great principal but we sure know when we don't have one! Whether you are a principal, teacher or part of the school staff, here are some key points everyone wants to have in their principal.