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How to Get Rid of Mice

You have your suspicions... maybe you've seen some tiny droppings here and there, or heard little rustling noises when you enter the kitchen. Mice! But how can you be sure? Are the mice in your attic? The basement? So, how do you get rid of mice? Fear not.

Looking for Tips on Raccoon Removal?

Has a raccoon entered your home through a pet entrance? Have you heard one rustling around inside your ceiling, walls, attic, or chimney? Don't waste time and money on a temporary solution. Here's the sensible raccoon removal advice you need to assess, solve, and prevent problems with raccoons in your home.

Living in a Cave: It's More Fun than It Sounds

If you ever thought that living in a cave was only for prehistoric hunter- gatherers it is time to think again. More people than you think live in homes carved out of the rock around the world. Some of them even look like nice places to live in.

Thinking About Using a Fox Trap?

If you are considering using a live trap to capture a fox on your property, this article is meant for you. You may not realize that there are more effective options available to you before resorting to a fox trap. Here you'll find helpful, practical ways to troubleshoot the problem and avoid the pitfalls associated with trapping.

Flutter, Chatter, Rustle... Vent Nesters!

Whether you love birds or barely notice them, you're not expected to love them nesting in the various exhaust vents of your home, rustling and chattering at the crack of dawn. But that's exactly where cavity-nesting birds often look to make their nests.

Wild Animal Sanctuary - Create Backyard Habitat

Are you looking to create a wildlife sanctuary? Or, maybe just wondering why friends or neighbors are making their yards more like natural habitat? Read on to find out what's in it for wildlife, and what's in it for you, if you decide to try it-and more important, how to make a wild animal sanctuary happen in your own yard.

Looking to Get Rid of Woodchucks?

You may or may not agree that woodchucks are pretty darn cute as portrayed in storybooks, or in field guides, or even when seen in the fields and greenways alongside roadways... maybe even in a back corner of your yard. But you may not hold the same opinion when they are in your garden...

Waking Up to Do the Wild Thang

Mornings can be downright rough for some of us, which makes that "snooze" button one of humankind's greatest inventions. Imagine how it feels for wildlife species that spend winter in the deep slumber of hibernation-or even torpor, a milder version of hibernation-when they get that annual wake-up call from Nature that simply can't be ignored.

Great Horned Owls - early nesters and archenemies of crows

With their big bright eyes and terse-looking ear tufts, great horned owls somehow manage to be both our symbol for knowledge and the archetypal owl for storybooks. In real life, they are no less formidable or fascinating, and the exciting thing is that they are common enough, even in suburbs and cities, that you actually have a pretty good chance of eventually seeing-or at least hearing-one.