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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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Nick Kellet's posts on Sharing

The Paradox of Sharing: The more we share, the more we share

Sharing is all the rage. Making sharing frictionless is Mark Zuckerberg's goal for Facebook and I think he's well on his way. The digital age and the rise of social media seems to have trivialized the act of sharing. But has it really? Does frictionless = Trivial?

Written with Belief, Shared with Passion

Doesn't that' sound like the dream? To write with belief, and to share with passion. Then reality broke and the content farm and the sharing automation platforms were born (dare I say share farms - ouch). 2013 will be the year we get to debate this. Well perhaps.

Cultivating People & Passion by Curating Content & Community

I loved this quote that Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu from Tonner Doll. "Anywhere there is passion there are blogs" I consider Kevin a good friend, oddly we've never met. We have skyped. We've swapped lots of ideas and emails. I met Kevin initially via #usguys on Twitter. Blogs are for sharing passions.

Beating Hearts not Rolling Eyes. Will Passion be the Metric of the Future?

Will Passion be the Metric of the Future? It's an interesting question. Passion is a wonderful notion, but how do you measure it? Today we are defined by our passions. Passions determine how we spend our time. Passion influences every conscious and subconscious choice. Passion is something you'll fight for, something you won't give up.

Empowering a Community of Local Experts

There really is something to the notion that you can't beat a local at their own game. Of course there is one way to trump a local and that's a crowd of locals. No single local can know everything, but together they are a smart bunch.

Do the Work. Social Media is Work. - via @nickkellet

Social media is work. Lots of work. Let's not confuse work and play. Work is work. Success is in the detail, the strategy, the execution. There's no denying the work. But we often forget. We think social is social, chit chat. We can think social is fun, and often it is.