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Costume Ideas for You

Yoda Costume for Kids, Toddlers, and Adults | Costume Anatomy

In the Star Wars series, Yoda is the "silent favorite" among fans. You can always tell that boys would want to be Luke Skywalker or even Darth Vader. After all, they're the main characters. But when the camera is focused on Yoda, the cinema is filled with giggles and sheer amusement.

Olive Oyl Costume

Everyone loves Popeye! Do you remember how you giggled at how Brutus and Popeye battled it out for Olive Oyl? Or how about you chugging spinach in hopes of growing muscles like Popeye? It's nice to re-live those fun memories, but it's definitely nicer to dress up like this famous fictional sailor.

Plus Size Medusa Costume

According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster that took the body of a female with snakes and serpents for her hair. It is also said that when you gaze upon her directly, you will turn into stone. Ever feel like you want to Medusa someone?

Daphne Costume - How to Assemble Your Own | Costume Anatomy

Daphne, or Daphne Blake, is a fictional character in the mystery animated series Scooby-Doo. She's a rich girl known for her fashion sense and her noticeable penchant for purple. In the movie Scooby-Doo released in 2002, Daphne Blake was played by the gorgeous Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her real-life hubby, Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Mad Hatter Costume - Different Types, How to Create One

Mad Hatter is a character in itself. Maybe that's why Tim Burton made a movie out of him. But whether or not you find him extremely weird, he makes a good costume inspiration. In this article, I give you the basics of creating a Mad Hatter costume.

Inflatable Costumes for Guys

Inflatable costumes are fun! They're lightweight, they're big, and they're effortlessly funny. If you need a costume that gets people's attention, get one of those inflatables, and you're sure to get giggly stares. So how do these inflatable costumes work? To put it simply, these costumes are usually made from plastic that you inflate through a battery-operated fan.

Fred Flintstone Costumes for Men and Boys

Fred Flintstone is undeniably one of the most colorful characters in "The Flintstones" animated series. He's careless, funny, and wacky. If you think you share the same qualities, you're probably thinking of wearing a Fred Flintstone costume . Here, we give you some costume choices.

Smurfette Costume for Girls and Women

Many moviegoers love Smurfette! If you're one of them, wearing a Smurfette costume is a great way to be as cute (or sexy if you're going to wear the costume on the left) as the character. ...

Sexy Disney Princess and Villainess Costumes for Women

Many of the Disney Princesses are soft-spoken, meek, and pristine -- with the exception of a few characters such as Mulan. And because their stories are directed towards little girls and children in general, the term "sexy" is never associate with them. But you're not a little girl anymore.

Mulan Costume for Girls

Fa Mulan has been idolized by many girls around the world because of her courage. Though she's a girl, she was able to break away from convention and helped save her country. Being a warrior is the duty of a man, but Mulan proved even that girls can do what men can.

Pink Lady Costume for Kids and Women

Want your daughter to serve some Grease realness ? Then get her a Pink Lady costume ! Remember the time when you enjoyed watching Grease not just because of the songs and John Travolta (and his...

Furry or Plush Jumpsuit Costumes for Boys and Girls

Mascots, plush jumpsuits, and furry costumes are more popular than ever, thanks to Ylvis' song "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" You might think it's a silly song, but you can't deny it's catchy and... nice. My niece and nephew enjoy the Fox song.

Kiss Costumes (Band) for Kids and Adults

Kiss (band) is an American rock band known for their elaborate live performances and outrageous outfits, which eventually became their trademark. These outfits are distinct to the band that if you want to re-create them, dressing up like Starchild, the Demon, Space Man, and Catman would gain instant recognition.

Matching Candy Costume for Couples

Is your relationship sweet as candy (or chocolate)? Then you might be interested in wearing matching candy costumes for couples. I went through Amazon's catalogue of candy costumes, and although most of them aren't advertised as a couple costume, I thought you and your partner can purchase them separately and wear them as a couple.

Kitchen- or Food-Related Costumes for Couples

As a couple, you do many things together. So it's no wonder that even at costume parties or Halloween, you may opt to sport matching outfits. While many couples would want to sport a superhero...

Celebrity Costumes for Pets

Oh, how cute your dog would look like if he's in an Elvis or King of Pop costume! Take a look at the image on the left, for instance. Obviously, this dog is wearing a Katy Perry, and she looks so cute in that blue wig!

Superhero Costumes for Dogs

As we've seen in popular comic books and animated cartoons, there's only a few dog superheroes. Wouldn't it be great if your dog is actually one? That's wishful thinking, I know, but I'm sure your pet is a hero (if not a superhero) in his own right.