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Updated by Jeremy Kim on Mar 05, 2014
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Cranberry Juice for UTI

Natural Cure for UTI: My Story with Cranberry Juice | Cranberry Juice for UTI

You know the symptoms; you know you've got UTI. So what are you going to do? Before it creates an even bigger problem, drink cranberry juice! Yup, cranberry juice is all it took for me to cure my UTI. At least that's what I believed cured me.

Studies Proving Cranberry Juice's Effectiveness Against UTI | Cranberry Juice for UTI

For decades, cranberry has been used as a way to "treat" bladder infections. But it's only in recent years that there have been numerous studies done on cranberry juice's effect on UTI. So the question is, can cranberry really have an effect on urinary tract infection? The answer is a big fat yes.

Cranberry Juice Review: Which One to Get? | Cranberry Juice for UTI

Studies show that cranberry juice and cranberry-containing products can prevent bladder infections. And although these studies do not conclude that cranberry's ingredients can "cure" UTIs, this has not stopped many -- including me -- from believing that cranberry has cured their infection. Ready to put cranberry to the test?

Why is Cranberry Effective Against UTI?

I managed to pull up some interesting facts about this amazing fruit, and I'd like to share them with you. Don't worry, these tidbits won't bore you. - "Cranberry" is derived from "craneberry." It is so-called because its pink blossoms have a resemblance with the head and bill of a Sandhill crane.