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Best of Apple announcements at WWDC 2011

A crowd sourced list of announcements from WWDC 2011 Keynote. What's your fave? If you don't find it in the list, add it! Don't forget to vote.

Notification Center for iOS 5

Seems like it is finally done right. Borrows a lot from Android and Jailbreak Apps. Hopefully this can be setup as the "Home" screen.

iOS Twitter Integration

Twitter now integrated deeply into iOS Contacts, Safari, Camera, YouTube, Maps etc.

Camera App gets Hard Button Controls

I think this is a BIG deal. No more fumbling to find the app (and lose the moment!)




Much more than MobileMe. Your content on all your devices without any thinking. And it's free to 5GB.

iTunes Match

Needs a separate mention just for the $29 a year all music you can convert to legal feature. This is the "jaibreak" we've all been waiting for!




AirDrop is a new way to share documents between Macs using a peer to peer WiFI network. This can revolutionize file (and p0rn) sharing on wifi campuses


OS X Lion for $30

OS X Lion for $30

Only $30 and can be installed on as many Macs at home. Borrows heavily form the iOS interface. Mobile is changing desktop.

Safari Updates

Reader Support, "Reading List" sync across all devices, Tabbed browsing on Mobile.