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How and Where to Recycle ARCs and Galleys

Book Blogging 101: ARCs & Greedy Bloggers
by Rachel Rivera (Parajunkee) | Jul 19, 2012


*shelve it *ask the source (publishing rep or author) who gave it to you what they expect

ARCs Around the Library

Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) are a great way to get a heads up on forthcoming titles. As Collection Development Manager for my library district, I receive ARCs through vendors, publishers, and review journals. I truly enjoy receiving a box of ARCs, finding out about titles coming out in the future, and applying that fore-knowledge to the development of my library's collection.

Public Libraries Online: News and Opinion section
by Lucy Lockley on January 8, 2013

Your old ARCs?

I review books for Library Journal also have won several Early Reviewers ARCs too. I have amassed quite an impressive collection (I'd estimate I have nearly 50 ARCs).

LibraryThing Group: ARC Junkies
opening post by CurrLee33 on Nov 9, 2012


*give to a friend *donate to Friends of the Library *put in library's 'free bin' *donate to ReLIT NY org *blog giveaway *loan them out to friends *care package to military *give to retirement home *hospital library *prisons *classroom libraries *women's shelter


Green Been Teen Queen blog
post on Feb 1, 2012


*local teen crisis org *juvenile court judge *school classroom library *lend to teens who come to teen library council mtgs *colleague at library *

Home | Books For Africa

Books For Africa could not achieve all that we do without the help of our friends and supporters around the globe. One such group, Course Hero, challenges college students to share the gift of education with fellow students at home and abroad.

10 Pieces Of Trash You Should Recycle For Charity

Sure, you can extend the life of your recyclables by tossing them in the curbside bin, but did you know your trash can also benefit charitable causes? A whopping 72 percent of Earth911 readers said they would be more likely to recycle if it benefited charity, according to our informal homepage poll.

HuffPost Green
Earth911's Mary Mazzoni
Posted: 10/13/2012 5:39 pm Updated: 10/16/2012 12:03 pm


Discusses used books, not ARCs specifically
*Books for Africa *Operation Paperback (military)

Stacked: Librarians, Bloggers, & The Lines Between

Before diving into the heavy stuff, a glimpse at the books I picked up at ALA. I used "picked up" loosely because I've become a big believer in talking with publicists at conventions. I love hearing what their favorites are and why (because it's not always the book getting the big publisher push and often it can lead you to a real gem).

Stacked Books
Posted Jan 28, 2012 by Kelly Jensen


*prizes for teen programs *gifts to teens *trade for review from teen

Comments include discussion about the different made by where one aquired the ARC i.e. meeting vs conference and the attending exhibitor expectations

Relit NY: book donation and recycling in New York City

Four out of every five people in New York take public transport to work every day. Often, it's one's only time alone, cut-off and away the demands of everyday life, when they are most apt to read. However, studies have shown that 52.6% of commuters do not engage in any sort of informational media on their journey.

ReLIT NY brings the first mass-scale book-sharing and reading program to the city's commuters. Our mission is to make reading easier, more convenient and cost-free.

All our gently-used books are donated by others just like you. ReLIT NY collects thems through its public drop-boxes (check the side panel for a list of sites) and distributes them at major commuter hubs such as Bryant Park and Union Square.


Discusses used books, not ARCs specifically

What Should Reviewers Do With Unwanted ARCs? " The Tattered Scroll

The Tattered Scroll
Posted June 8, 2010


*Goodreads ARC giveaway
*PBS or online book-swap site
*yard sale
*offering on blog for cost of postage (commenter, Magemanda)

Also, much discussion in comment section. This is apparently a big issue.

Katie's Book Blog: ARCs & What You Do When You're Done With Them!

Katie's Book Blog
posted by Katie on Feb 13, 2014


*give to friends *donate to local library for Teen Advisory Board or librarians *local hospital *children's hospital *teachers for classroom libraries *shelters *trading with other bloggers

More from comments:
*ARCs Float On!


A blog to give ARCs to bloggers, teachers, librarians and media for promotion.

Mentioned by Karen of

in a comment on Katie's Book Blog


Reach A Reader Resources | ARCs Float On!

The Reading Zone) to get ARCs into classroom libraries by matching willing donors with needy teachers.

Mentioned by Sandy of

in a comment on Katie's Book Blog


Little Blogger, Big Ambitions

Being a new blogger is hard. Pubs rarely send out ARCs to a blog under six months, and building the audience required to get those ARCs is hard and expensive work. Sometimes getting a hold of an ARC can help new bloggers get their foot in the door.

Thus an idea was born. The Little Blogger, Big Ambitions Project is our attempt to help new and small blogs get access to ARCs, and make sure the books that are sent to us at least get some publicity. Bloggers can sign up on the form below, but there are requirements for a blog to enter.

ARCs, book reviewers, and maxed-out shelves (reflective) - facts, opinion, and a shared rant

Thankfully, some publishers have begun including this wording in their ARCs: “After the publication date of this book , please consider thoughtfully donating this ARC to a juvenile detention facilty, shelter or other youth program” – THAT is a win-win-win scenario!

BooksYAlove blog
posted by Katy Manck in June 2013



YA Highway: What to do with Advanced Reader Copies

Congratulations, you scored an Advanced Reader Copy (or ARC) of a book you've been dying to read! But after you finished reading and posted a review, you might be wondering: What, exactly, can be done with the ARC? It's a more complicated question than you might think.

YA Highway blog
posted by Sarah Enni on Mar 18, 2012