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CBC Marketplace | Show Me the Money Resources

A list of blog posts and pages related to the Show Me the Money Episode on Marketplace

FAIR Canada " The CSA must act on critical reforms

"The problem is not just the rogue advisor who does not comply with the existing rules — although that can, and does, occur too frequently — but that the standard is not high enough to fit the relationship that consumers expect and that the industry professes in its marketing and advertising."

Hidden camera investigation uncovers 'atrocious' investment advice

As RRSP season closes and many Canadians prepare for tax time, a CBC Marketplace investigation reveals that financial advisers at some of Canada's top banks and firms are giving consumers inaccurate, misleading and inappropriate advice. Meanwhile, consumers face a complicated patchwork of regulatory bodies if they want to complain about bad investment advice, as some investor rights groups call for more robust consumer protection rules.


CBC Marketplace, Episode 41: Show Me The Money!

CBC Marketplace, Episode 41: Show Me The Money!

It's tax season, and Marketplace is putting financial advisors - the people you trust with your cash - to the test.

We talk to ordinary Canadians who've felt the bite of bad financial advice, and use hidden cameras to catch outrageous promises from some big institutions. We'll show you the tactics to watch out for and give you tips on figuring out who to trust with your money.

Financial Advisor Incompetence Exposed | White Top Investor

Show Me The Money, Marketplace on CBC TV Using hidden cameras to document a project that put financial advisors to the test exposed colossal incompetence. Show Me The Money ran February 28, 2014, as part of the Marketplace broadcast. Marketplace is a consumer information show broadcast on CBC TV in Canada.

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