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Affordable & Free Quran Classes | Best Online Islamic Academy

This Hadith implies that Muslims are required to recite Quran beautifully. It is, hence, our obligation to recite Quran in a good way.


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Religion is like a light in a human's life, if a person does not have religion in his life then he is actually living in darkness. Every day, numerous people are converting to Islam because they...

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Being a Muslim does not mean that you just put your believe in the oneness of almighty Allah and accept by heart that the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) is the last messenger of Allah. These 2 believes are surely the base on which a Muslim’s faith stand but Islam is much beyond this.

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learningquran2014 Best Online Quran Learning Courses Every Muslim has born with a responsibility and that responsibility is to learn the Holy Quran and then spread its knowledge amongst others. The holy Quran has all the answers of mankind but unfortunately the man runs after the worldly things with a belief that those things might be the answer to his unsolved questions.

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In order to follow a religion you first need to understand its holy scriptures because without understanding the true concept behind the religion you can never follow it the right way. Unfortunately, Muslims of today are not following Islam the right way because they have been misguided by wrong doers.

Learning The Quran For Kids

A religion is meant to complete the life of a person because it teaches a man that how he must actually spend his life.

Free Online Quran Classes | Quran Classes Online

In this digital age, everyone is so preoccupied that the most important requisites of Islam i.e. following Islamic values and reciting Quran regularly are left far behind. But nowadays free online Quran classes have made the recitation and learning of Quran on daily basis quite easy. You can learn Quran wherever you want to.

Learn Quran To Forgive Your Enemy To Earn Virtues

No one in this universe is perfect. Everyone make mistakes in his life sometime without intention and sometime deliberate to hurt someone. Every person will be answerable before Allah for his sin and mistakes and will get punishment of his act.

Cure Your Depression With Surah

When we go into the darkness depression and can't see the light in our disappointed situation then it seem so difficult to get a way to live happy. Depression makes are man weak and feeble to fight with difficulties.

Women Has Higher Status Then Men In Islam

Non Muslim communities are blaming that Islam considers women worthless then men, but this is only the misunderstanding and misconception due to the lack of true Islamic knowledge. It is quite sad that some of the Muslims also think that women are worthless then a man and this is all because they don't understand the...

Online Quran Tutors For Your Kids

Are you looking for Online Quran Tutors for your kids? Here is a reliable online source which can help you for your kids to learn recitation of Quran. is online website giving your all Islamic and Quran courses on very affordable fee structure. Your kids will learn Quran online by the best Online Quran teachers.

Innovative Tips To Memorize The Quran by Learning Quran

As we are non Arabic Muslim it is quite tough for us to understand and memorize Arabic. With the other goals of life we must have a goal to learn Islamic teachings and Quran properly to become true Mu...

Learn Online Quran To Learn Sunnah

Are you true follower of Islam? Are reciting Holy Quran daily? Are you regular in Prayers? If yours answers if no then how can you say that you are true Muslim.

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Are you looking for Quran teachers? Do you want regular classes to learn Quran? If your answers are yes then we are giving your simple solution of your problem by introducing you the Quran academy which helps you to learn Quran properly. Benefits of Online Quran Classes: Get rid of typical online Quran teaching method now.

Best Online Quran Tutoring in Cheap Rates For All

If in your childhood you have learnt how to recite Quran with a tradition way to learning Quran through you Qari of any mosque or madarisa. Mostly in our, are not satisfied with their Quran pronunciation. Most of us want to improve their recitation of Quran with Tajweed.

Islam Encourages for Women Education

Women of every society and culture are always dominant and suffer a lot then men. Many cultures and society have been exercised cruel customs like Sati, Karo-Kari and Hitrobashira for women even in some of Muslim societies still practicing these cruel acts.

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The world is filled with numerous religions and each religion has at least some followers. Out of all the religions, Islam has 3rd most followers. But these numbers are getter from time to time and...

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The life goes on stage wise which means that there are certain steps that are involved in the process of growing up. First, the child enters the world as an infant. Then he grows up and becomes a teenager. After that he turns out to be a young adult which further leads him towards middle age.

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Honesty is a trait of every Muslim and teaching of Islam emphasized on this quality too much. Allah has sent message to his all human beings to adopt the quality of honestly and truthfulness to get success in your life.