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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
Headline for 29+ Listicles Posts. Join the debate: love, hate, fad or trend?
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29+ Listicles Posts. Join the debate: love, hate, fad or trend?

Top nine things you need to know about 'listicles'

1 On the internet, more and more articles are written as lists. They are known as listicles. You've seen the kind of thing. Thirteen Surprising Bathroom Habits Of Tech Innovators. Twenty-three Ways You Should Definitely Not Attempt To Dance. Eleven Tips For A Hot Funeral Selfie.

5 Reasons Listicles Are Here to Stay, and Why That's OK

Lists are everywhere. They're the bread and butter of sites like Cracked and BuzzFeed, and regular content or sporadic filler at dozens more. (Yes, even WIRED.) From the multimedia gallery to the humble top 10, list-format articles - listicles - are rapidly becoming the lingua franca of new-media journalism.

10 Paragraphs About Lists You Need in Your Life Right Now
  1. Recently, a close friend sent me an e-mail with the subject line "Things I've Noticed As I Get Older." The ten numbered observations ranged from the mundane (politics is getting stupider) to the poignant (the distant melancholy of Facebook's News Feed, with its dispatches from lives that were once, and now no longer, close to one's own).
3 Reasons Is the Only Site That Gets Listicles Right

August finally arrived for real on Tuesday, when BuzzFeed announced the ne plus ultra of Internet time-wastes. The ListiClock, sponsored by Pepsi Next, coughs up a listicle every time the earth revolves one-fifth of a mile. This morning, when I let the clock into my life, I was offered links to "13 Best Cute Print Ads of the...

In Defense Of Listicles

Ever feel like you suffer from listicle-induced Attention Deficit Disorder? Does it seem that whenever you come across a listicle (list + article) a compulsory sensation overtakes you and you cannot help but click and read on? "Ten Fascinating Facts about Ferrets." "15 Tips and Tricks to Outsmart Everyone at the Theme Park."

The 3 Key Types of BuzzFeed Lists To Learn Before You Die

"Yeah, I think probably people shy away from 20," BuzzFeed's Jack Shepherd told me over the phone. "Twenty feels real weird." We were talking about lists, of course. Not listicles - Shepherd says, with some exceptions, listicles are not what BuzzFeed does: "A listicle, to me, is the lowest version of the art form.

The listicle as literary form

The University of Chicago Magazine (ISSN-0041-9508) is published bimonthly by the University of Chicago in cooperation with the Alumni Association, 5555 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637. Published continuously since 1907.

Listicle Distribution

Amplify Your Media Plan with a Listicle Combining a numbered list, intriguing pictures and carefully-crafted words (including a headline that just can't be

2014: The Year of Listicles

We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today.

9 things you must know about listicles

The internet has made it so you and I can't handle a bunch of things. Chief among these are large blocks of text. On the web, we want pictures, videos, anything that is quick, easy and can be digested without a taxing amount of focus.

A listicle featuring eight reasons I hate listicles

We are living in the age of the list. Thoughtful reporting and intelligent discussion are being processed into bite-sized chunks of information with all the intellectual value of a Chicken McNugget meal. BuzzFeed and its imitators have made the list into the most successful content form on the internet, to the ...

The Power of Listicles and How To Make Yours Better

Journalists have known it for years and they've become a staple of headline writers and bloggers in recent years. But what's the science behind the listicle's remarkable success? For the uninitiated, listicle is a derived from the words list and article.

How to Write a Listicle

How to Write a Listicle. A listicle refers to a combination of the words "list" and "article" and refers to an article that is written as a list. It's common in many blog articles and it's also frequently found in lighter journalistic...

War, Peace, and Listicles: Leo Tolstoy on Money, Fame, and Writing for the Wrong Reasons

by Maria Popova A lament on being "self-confident and self-satisfied as only those can be who are quite holy or who do not know what holiness is." Celebrated as a titan of literature, Leo Tolstoy (September 9, 1828 - November 20, 1910) wasn't always a man of timeless wisdom on how to live well and immutable insight on what makes great art.

DailyTekk Takes "Listicles" To The Next Level For Charity

What difference can one guy make in the world without being rich? I'm about to find out. Starting today on DailyTekk I'm going to try something that seems a little crazy-even to myself. Every weekday from February 17 until March 14 I will produce a new top fifty list ( click here for the full list as the days progress).

Spokesmama: Listicles: 10 Ways You Show Love

It's that time of the week again: Listicles. Time to put on the thinking cap & come up with a list of 10 ways you show love (this week's topic was chosen by Ashlee).

BuzzFeed Listicles Start to Pop in Video

A few months ago, we asked the question, "Can the BuzzFeed listicle model translate to video?"-given its lack of user control and interruptive pre-roll ads. Well, it looks like BuzzFeed, with the help of viral video expert Ze Frank, is onto something.

Manipulative headlines and listicles: Upworthy and Buzzfeed are reshaping the internet

"Upworthy rankles some journalists partly because, even as it innocently coos Web readers with tender headlines, the repetitiveness of its style suggests a rather cynical ploy to lasso cheap attention rather than fully engage an audience hunting anything more than a dopamine rush."

Why Listicles Are Here to Stay

Listicles, or articles in list form, have been around for decades. Traditional magazines like Cosmopolitan have had them on their cover for years (aka: "10 Sexiest Things To Do With Your Man Tonight!") But the resurgence of the listicle online really found its home on BuzzFeed.

The Listicle Era

Lists aren't new, but thanks in large part to BuzzFeed, we are living in the Big Listicle Era. Most online publications - yes, Digiday is not immune - have now at least tried the "listicle" article format in one way or another.

Content Marketing: 3 Tips for Effectively Using "Listicles"

The "listicle," a slang term for content presented as a series of bullet points, steps, tips, facts, quotes, or pictures, is nothing new. Newspapers and magazines have been publishing Top 10 articles and similar fodder for ages. However, lately listmania seems to have overtaken digital media, too.

The Science Behind the Popularity of Listicles

Ranked lists are a mainstay of digital content publishing and can be found on most sites-from independent blogs to global media sites. For years, content publishers and online marketers have used ranked lists to drive traffic to their websites.

5 Reasons Why List-based Articles are so Popular

If you Google "25 ways", you'll get a nice list of life-changing content, including: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf (this is actually a video, but it's funny) 25 Ways To Up Your Ponytail 25 Ways to Show You're a Man 25 ways to kill Yoshi (WTH!?)

Listicle Living: Why Millennials Engage with How-To Lists

Many of the articles Millennials post online lately are in listicle-format. Real titles range from: “10 Of The Most Unhealthy Relationship Practices,” “6 Things I Regret Doing When I was 22” and “6 Indignities Every Cat Lover Must Face.” These lists are essentially guides on how to deal with life. From maximizing closet space to significant other best practices, topics for how-to lists are as endless as the struggles of life. So why are Millennials so engaged with these lists?

Top 3 Reasons to Love Listicles

So, in that vein, here are my top three reasons to love listicles: