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Video Mobile Apps


Take a 15 second video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram - it's that easy. You can even share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. It's a new way to see the world.

Directr for Business. Video that matters.

Guided moviemaking for your business, all with your phone. That's all it takes. Try it Free.

Lightt – Video life, simplified

Lightt is a "fantastic method for documenting your life. Excellent set of filters and effects."
- MacLife

Lightt 3.0 is the best way to capture, connect and share life with video.

Lightt is the only app that brings your videos together seamlessly as a continuous movie. Watch your life story for the first time!

Easily make beautiful videos, anywhere. Capture unlimited clips in portrait or landscape. Or import videos from your camera album. Add unique special effects like synchronized music, duplicate, reverse and slow motion. Share directly with friends across your favorite social networks and the fantastic Lightt community.

• Make movies of any length!
• Easy and precise video capture.
• Capture in square portrait or full landscape.
• Add unique live filters and special effects.
• Synchronize music as you capture.
• Easy to add a voice over.
• Edit live: trim, duplicate, rearrange, reverse!
• Slow down or speed up any clip.
• Save unlimited drafts to finish anytime.
• Combine clips from you and your friends.
• Create Channels to organize videos.
• Watch videos connect into seamless streams.
• Post to YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter.
• Or share with family and friends by email.
• Swipe across a stream to move forward & back.
• Save as public or private.
• See all your videos on a map.
• And there’s so much more!

“The constant stream of footage soon gets to be pretty addictive.” – Mashable

“Much easier to edit than other video-sharing apps.” – Forbes

“This is an app you must see.” – Scobelizer

“Lightt is a nifty app that allows users to share snapshots of their life.” - Huffington Post

Capture and upload video for minutes at a time and combine into movies of any length--all FREE.

For iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and the latest iPod touch.

Bring your life to Lightt.


Capture the stories that matter.

Narrable is an online storytelling platform that combines your important photos with the voices that bring them to life. The Narrable iOS app includes a lightweight camera to capture memories as they happen and a built-in audio recorder to preserve the voices behind the memory. After you have uploaded your content, log in at to view, edit and share your story.

- Take a new photo or upload an existing photo from your Camera Roll
- Record audio on the spot or skip it for later
- Upload your photo and audio to an existing narrable or create a new narrable

This is the first version of the Narrable App. We would love your feedback as we continue to improve and add features. Send feedback to

Magisto - Video Editing for Android & IOS

Say goodbye to complicated video editing and let Magisto do the work for you. Magisto is your ultimate video editor, editing all your videos in a single click!

Quo FX - Android & IOS

Choose the type of effect or animation that you would like to use in your video - you have a wide choice ranging from action movies to suprising twists to your favorite superhero simulations! If you would like more options, you can optionally purchase effects a la carte beyond the set that is bundled into the app for free.

Video Star - you are the Star!

The easiest, fastest, funnest way to make your own music video!

Mobile Video Editor | WeVideo Android & IOS

Easy, fast, and fun way to create & share videos on-the-go

How to get iWork apps, iPhoto, iMovie free

Apple recently announced that they would make the iOS versions of their iWork apps plus iPhoto and iMovie free for iOS 7 enabled devices that were purchased after September 1. That means you can download Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, and iMovie all for free.




Express the filmmaker within you with @Video. Transform your world into a live cartoon, go back in time and recreate the atmosphere of the roaring twenties or just dive into different, colourful lives! Creativity knows no borders thanks to the many extraordinary effects you can find in @Video.

With @Video you can shoot videos and take snapshots both with your back and front camera, its digital zoom has an impressive detail and you can also freeze the image increasing its resolution. Edit and spice up your movies and pictures and send them straight to Facebook, Twitter and others with a single touch!

Just download @Video and let the inspiration flow!


@Video includes:

  • An easy to use video camera using the front and rear camera of your iPhone and iPad.
  • The highest level of image quality for your videos and photos.
  • Plenty of amazing filter effects such as sepia, black & white, cartoon, emboss, thermal and many more.
  • A variable zoom from 1x to 4x in the front camera and 1x to 8x in the back camera.
  • The option to freeze the image to capture a detail and increase its resolution.
  • The possibility to easily draw over your photos and edit them.
  • Videos and image captures can be sent to the Camera Roll, sent by email and published to Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo with a single touch.
  • A sliding bar and pinching control for the zoom.
  • Integration with @Drive to store your videos and photos, you can also use @Drive to view your stored videos and pictures as a gallery.
  • Rotatable interface to adapt to all situations.
  • A shaking control to reset the status of the App or to go back to the main screen.
  • A design thought to memorize and adapt to your preferences.
  • The possibility to upgrade to a Pro, ad free version of the App with an In-App Purchase.
  • It is available in various languages, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.



Game Your Video - The best iPhone video editing app

Game Your Video is the best iPhone video editing app for free. It brings a new way of making, sharing and exploring videos. Now anyone can make great videos!

Animoto - Online Video Maker Android & IOS

Create professional-quality videos for business or personal use in minutes, with Animoto's online video maker.

30hands: Create & Show What You Know

30hands Mobile is a fun, innovative storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create narrated stories or presentations based on photos, images, drawings using an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Different from other presentation apps, 30hands Mobile focuses on the power of storytelling and ITERATIVE CREATIVITY. Like pages in a book, photos or images are dragged around the desktop into the order of the story. Next, the teacher or student records audio over each image. Easy editing allows students to take learning to a higher level and creates a better final video whether created by a student or teacher. Finally, the story or presentation can be published to the device’s photo area or uploaded to a 30hands Cloud collaborative learning site.

Registration in the mobile app provides login credentials for the 30hands Cloud Community site at

30hands Cloud is a comprehensive, self-contained e-classroom site where teachers easily create public or private courses, structured by modules, to provide student access to flipped presentations, videos and other digital learning materials. 30hands Cloud provides interactive collaboration by students using the timeline, blog, pages and presentations.

1. In class stories or presentations
2. Synchronized slide + audio lectures for flipping the classroom
3. Audio-enhanced image portfolios
4. Stop-motion or slide-based teaching by students + teachers
5. Foreign language "spoken" flashcards
6. Photo-enhanced audio interviews
7. You decide!

5 Easy Steps:
1. Add images, take photos or draw slides
2. Arrange them into any order by dragging them
3. Record audio for each slide
4. Preview your creation
5. Publish it as a video to your Camera Roll or a 30hands web site for sharing

A GAMECHANGER because ... by Topvidreviewer (12/2013)
... They got the GUI right. 30 Hands hits the perfect balance between ease of use utility and features. Brilliant, intuitive layout. Literally anyone can QUICKLY create a wide range of videos, demos, tutorials with this app. Throw in a little creative juice, and you can do some pretty sophisticated things with it. I use it for both teaching and business.

Want to create a slideshow-style video? Download. This. Now. There IS no easier app for it. I know, because I have them all. This app leaves them in the dust. Why? Simple. Easy. Works.

It is near-perfect in my mind. Sure, I would like for it to have a few more features, especially with the text -- some additional fonts, text alignment, and the ability to turn off auto-capitalization -- but feature-creep is its own death.
Keep it lean, 30 Hands!

Fabulous app! by mray29 (11/2013)
Great app for digital storytelling, social stories, or tutorial creation! I recommend this to all the K-12 teachers I work with in my district. Extremely easy to use and publishing is a breeze! I was experiencing a few issues during publishing, but these were resolved quickly after I contacted the developer. Customer service is fabulous! They listened to my comments and actually worked to address my needs. I highly recommend this app!

Great app! by @slfirstgrade (11/2013)
This is a great app to use with my first graders…Definitely a No. 1 choice of app in my classroom!

"I would consider 30Hands to be a must-have for teachers."
- Matt Villasana, Columbia PS (10/2013)

"When I discovered 30 hands via Twitter this week, I felt like Christmas had arrived!"
- Miss Newton, Primary Ipads Classroom (9/2013)

"30 Hands and iMovie are my favorite apps for narrated slideshows or videos, respectively."
- Mike Petty, Classroom Games and Tech (8/2013)

"The app is very easy to use...30hands could be an excellent app for your students to use to create narrated slideshow presentations."
- Richard Byrne from writes (6/2013)

30hands Learning develops technology & services geared at getting students to THINK and CREATE.

YAKiT Kids

Make ANY photo talk, just by speaking! Pets, friends, food, family, nature, artwork... anything!

YAKiT Kids allows kids of all ages to let their creativity loose and share their creations with family and friends in a safe environment. Parents and teachers never have to worry as their children let their little imaginations run wild with YAKiT Kids.

• Make quick and fun animated videos with multiple scenes.
• Change the pitch of the voice to make it even funnier.
• Add expressive animated stickers to customize the photos - including facial features, props, characters, and special effects.
• Save the videos directly to your phone to send anywhere

This app is the perfect entertainment and learning tool for the home, in the car, or even in educational settings for teachers and students.

YAKiT Kids won’t collect any personal information or include any third-party advertising, in-app purchases, or social sharing features.

Andromedia Video Editor - Android App

AndroMedia Video Editor Video Editing App For Android Platform AndroMedia is unique Video Editing App For Android Platform Designed to be intuitive to use, Andr...

Qwiki for iPhone

With one tap, Qwiki automatically creates beautiful movies from the events captured on your iPhone or iPod touch - providing a rich and elegant way to share your life.

Only The Highlights:
Qwiki groups the best pictures and videos from your Camera Roll, combining them with captions, music and more to create beautiful movies to share with family, friends and followers.

New Memory. New Qwiki.
Turning your most recent experience into a Qwiki is as easy as tapping the app's magic wand. Don't like what Qwiki creates? Each movie is fully customizable through drag and drop editing, song selection, and optional filtering.

Public or Private? You choose:
Send your Qwikis to whoever you choose via email or SMS - or post them to Facebook, Twitter, and embed a Qwiki on any web page. Make a Qwiki public to encourage comments and likes from others, who can follow you for more.

Get started by downloading now. Or, watch a demo:

Qwiki supports iOS 5.1 or above on iPhone and iPod touch.

Have questions, issues or feedback? Email us at

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