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Updated by Vanhishikha Bhargava on Nov 04, 2016
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Social media marketing

Prankvertising on Social Media

How do you make a social media audience share your video even if it is completely irrelevant to them and their interests? The answer: prankvertising. One agency to experience great success with is Thinkmodo, who specialise in viral video. The concept setting up a prank and filming it so it will go viral seems like a...

How to Handle the Dislike Button of Online Reviews

As a business owner, there are few occurrences more unwelcome than the proliferation of negative online reviews. Bad online reviews are damaging to any business owner's ego, but they are hardly just matters of vanity. Because so many consumers use online review sites to inform their purchasing decisions, companies beset with bad reviews can face dire...

Ad Blockers And Marketing: How To Market Effectively In The Age Of Ad Blockers - Adalyz

With a number of people using softwares to block out ads, here's taking a look at the entire ad blockers and marketing scenario; and tips to remain on top.

How To Create An Instagram Contest That Everyone Wants To Participate In - Adalyz

Want to engage more actively with your audience? Here's how to create an Instagram contest that everyone would want to participate in.

Vine Content Strategy and Review: Samsung

One of the newest additions to the social media family is Vine, a video sharing network owned by Twitter. Vine allows its users to create short, 7 second video loops which can be shared on the Vine site or other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Rules of Engagement: How Brands Should Connect with their Fans

Companies and brands around the world are rapidly realizing the benefits of utilizing social media as a tool in their marketing arsenal. Naturally, social media platforms can be a great way to spread your brand name to an audience that would have been difficult to reach a decade ago.

The Secret To Content Virality Leaked!

Every brand that you see out there on various social platforms, is working really hard on their content. Whether you like it or not, there are donkey's hours going into creating that one tiny post that you don't feel like even 'liking', let alone sharing. Time and again we have stressed on the importance of...

Women On Top! Is Social Media Ruled by Women?

Women love socializing and talking more than men do (apparently). In fact, experts insist that the fairer sex prefers engaging in social networking to dating or spending time with a significant other. No surprise, then, that it has been found women use every major social media channel more than men.

A Lesson in Customer Service from Moz

Like every other social media / content strategist out there, I have Moz's blog in my RSS feed and I follow them on Twitter. They come up with some pretty nifty content all the time, and at least for me, are the most trustworthy source for SEO information out there.

Don't be Offended When I Tell You Why Everyone Is Unfollowing You

One of my favorite social media sites to not only use but also write about is Twitter; a great marketing medium for brands and people who know how to use it properly. Twitter has also become a platform for engaging customers to receive feedback, positive or negative.

Instagram Hits 200 Million Active Users - Here's What You Need to Know

Exponential growth is nothing new. With the advent of websites like Upworthy and BuzzFeed, it's pretty much become the norm these days. Regardless, Instagram's trajectory over the last six months seems to be... a little more than just exponential growth. In a release today, the Facebook owned company announced that they'd hit 200 million active...

A User's Guide to Keeping Track of Facebook Page Updates

The entire realm of social media marketing has been buzzing about the significant drop in organic Facebook post views. The social media giant rolled out a new algorithm late last year, which has resulted in a significant decrease in post views for many Facebook pages. We've touched on this issue before here and since then,...

Optimizing Content in a Time of Zero Organic Reach

The talk of the town for the last couple of months has been Facebook's decision to slash the organic reach of brand pages down to about 3-5%. Some have managed to sustain a slightly higher level of organic reach, and most have complained of it being even lower.

5 Questions Marketers Just Can't Get Right in the SMQuiz

For those of you who haven't been under a rock for the last few weeks, you'd know that the Social Marketer's Quiz has been going on in full force. And when we announced the launch of the quiz, we mentioned that one of the best things to come out of this quiz would be the...

The One Thing You Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey
Yes, the team promoting Fifty Shades Of Grey across social networks needs to be applauded for their stupendous success! Case in point being, Twitter. With Valentine's Day behind us, love still remains suspended in the air. And like any other marketer, the urge to take a look at what everyone had been doing during the time took over.
The One Thing You Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Yes, the team promoting Fifty Shades Of Grey across social networks needs to be applauded for their stupendous success! Case in point being, Twitter. With Valentine's Day behind us, love still remains suspended in the air. And like any other marketer, the urge to take a look at what everyone had been doing during the time took over.

7 Social Media Buzzwords All Marketers Must Know For 2016 - Exit Bee Blog

The social media world is constantly evolving and no matter how many times we say it, it doesn’t stop amazing us. Something popular could become outdated in just a few months and something old school can suddenly start trending – such is the social media world. And the same holds true when comes to the social media buzzwords in the marketing industry.

Here are the top 7 buzzwords you must know for this year!

How To Identify The Best Performing Ads On Facebook, Google & Instagram - Adalyz

The current digital space is brimming with all types of data. Therefore, an in-depth analysis is necessary in the case of all digital strategies. Having said that – everyone knows the use of social media for professional reasons has grown exponentially in the last few years.

9 Tools To Keep A Close Watch On Your Brand Mentions – Super Startups

The only way to ensure that you’re building the right image of your brand in your target market, is to keep a tab on what people are saying…

Why Customer Engagement Should Be The Measure Of Digital Success And How To Do It

Want to measure your digital success? Here's taking a look at why your marketers need to measure customer engagement first.


Here's taking a look at the 7 ways video content boost the conversion rates of brand and business websites and gets them more customers.

6 Type Of Blog Posts Your Audience Will Definitely Love You For

Not sure about what to post on your blog? Here are 6 types of blog posts your audience will definitely love you for.

Why And How Businesses Can Grow With User Generated Content

Here's how the top brands use the power of user generated content to maintain their position in the niche till date. And how you can do it too!

Fashion Blogger? Here's How To Increase Your Instagram Following! - Exit Bee Blog

Are you a fashion blogger struggling to get more followers on Instagram? Well, we have some tips and hacks for you, that you need to try!

10 Photo Editing Apps You Absolutely Need In 2017 – Super Startups

The digital landscape has practically grown out of hand. Internet users and businesses are sharing content every minute, and it is becoming…