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How to Write a Resume

Writing a Resume is difficult, however given its likely to be the first thing that people look at when you apply for your next job, its very important that you get it right. Here the best ways to write a Resume

How to Write a Resume

Remember, You have six seconds to impress the average recruiter so your resume needs to impress quickly otherwise its likely that your hard work will end up in the bin. This is probably the number one question that any recruiter working around the world will be asked on a daily basis.

How to Choose a Good Resume Writer

I wrote last week about " why to use a resume writer " and tried to explain some of the benefits to using a resume writer. Whilst resume writers get a lot of stick on the internet, they can be worth their weight in gold for the right candidate who does not have the time, the ability or the know how to write their own resume.

What Do Employers Look For In A Resume

What Do Employers Look For In A Resume? Your resume needs to be designed to help you stand out from the crowd in today's world where companies are receiving thousands of resumes each week. Yahoo recently revealed that they receive upwards of 12 thousand resumes per week.

Should you Hire a Resume Writer to Write your Resume

On average I give each resume that I look at a solid 20-30 seconds. This usually involves a quick read of your profile, a glance at your positions and the companies that you have worked at and finally a quick look at page 2 of your resume.

Top 10 Websites to Build a Creative Resume Online

Personally I think there could be nothing more un-professional that someone sending me a "link" to his or her resume, however maybe I am just getting old. Last week I was speaking with our Technology Division who regularly are sent both traditional resumes, and creative resumes showing their skills and knowledge.

Top 12 Online Resume Makers

Writing a Resume / CV can be a really difficult process if you are not gifted with a wealth of computer skills. One minute you have you CV/Resume laid out correctly and then you press enter to begin a new paragraph and suddenly the whole formatting is out of shape and there are parts of your CV/Resume all over the screen.

How to Make Your Resume Stand out From the Crowd

Making your resume stand out from the crowd is one of the most important aspects on getting a new job as proved by my efforts a couple of weeks ago. I put an advert for one of my roles on monster jobs in the UK a few weeks ago and was horrified with the result.

11 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Your resume has one sole purpose - its a 20 second interview to see if your good enough to warrant a conversation or an interview. If your resume is not very good, then most likely you are not going to be interviewed even if you have all the skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience.