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Top posts from 2013

As we have been shortlisted for a UK Blog Award it felt only fitting that we recap the highest ranking posts from our last year in order of views... enjoy and thanks for all your support as ever.

The Nespresso Latissima+Black review

I have mentioned many times about my love for the Nespresso brand, the service brand and the product brand that services my daily coffee ritual and keeps me sane when things get a bit mental. Yes, Nespresso really does mean that much to me.

Living with a freelancer, a fiancé's tale

Living with a freelancer So when I took the call from Greg after he was made redundant my heart dropped. I was so disappointed for him, he loved working with creative people on powerful brands and was brilliant at it.

The loss of the Big Idea

This blog laments the loss of the Big Idea and is written by Peter Wallach who wrote copy at Saatchi and Saatchi for over 20 years. The Big Idea is very nearly extinct. And almost impossible to see in the wild today, when Image - in our image obsessed society - is the new king.

How much to charge clients as a strategist

Pricing is always a sensitive issue... ...when it comes to strategy consultants and freelancers in general - it is not the done thing to talk openly about it yet at some point you need to float it past someone, be it the hiring manager, the company director or recruiter of the place you are about to join on a freelance contract, you are going to have to work out how much to charge clients.

Surviving redundancy

So far in this 'recession' I have been made redundant thrice. Here's a tale about surviving redundancy. Yes. Thrice. A hat trick of doom as I jovially call it. As morale-beating as this can be, the crucial thing is not that you were made redundant but how you react and what you bounce back with as a platform to success.

Brand positioning: an overview

Brand positioning is a strategist's bread and butter. This is what a large amount of our working life will be spent doing and is the most important aspect of brand management. Brand positioning is an intriguing mix of art & science Just to preface the post...

30 Best marketing strategies| Best branding and strategy quotes

A break from the quasi-seriousness today for some quasi-inspiration instead in the form of the 30 best marketing / strategy / branding quotes from around the industry. All these best marketing / strategy / branding quotes have been gathered over the years from presentations, TV shows, books, conversations and a couple may even be made up / original!

What does a strategist do?

My mum knows I am in 'marketing' but for years she thought I was in advertising as that's the only 'marketing' that she knows... I have gently been trying to update and educate her as to the nuances of different 'marketing' niches but to no avail.

Five types of mentor you need in your life

Types of mentor. As much are we are freelance strategy consultants we are also entrepreneurs. Despite being high on entrepreneurial spirit, we cannot do it alone, here are the five types of mentor you need in your freelance life.

A thoughtpiece on rewarding loyally in modern football

The irony of rewarding loyalty in modern football Being a sports fan is a curious thing. As is being a sports brand, especially a brand choice. Depending on who you are and how you were brought up you may be a die hard football (soccer) fan that lives and breathes his/her team's successes and failures or a casual tennis watcher with no particular allegiance.