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Translation Resources

List of Translation resources & useful Links

Translation Facts you should know about the Winter Olympics 2014

The ongoing 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics is a big sporting extravaganza. Here thousands of visitors are traveling to this city to watch sporting events, to sightsee, to shop and for other recreational opportunities. Language translations play an important role for bridging the gap between the visitors

Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency for Website Translation

Whether you have used the services of professional translators or not, hiring one can be a difficult job altogether. A lot of aspects have to be considered before such a decision is made. Most of the important aspects can be covered by seeking certain information related to their services.

How to make a Linguistic Career in the Fashion Industry

Translation plays a major role in the global fashion industry. For fashion to transcend globally beyond geographical and cultural borders, hiring professional translators is a must. Fashion houses can hire certified agencies for translation and focus on their core job.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Translation Services

Irrespective of their location, people across the world use medical services. With better awareness and availability of medical facilities and information, people travel to foreign lands for medical treatment. Irrespective of geographical barriers, the medical fraternity is sharing information to benefit mankind. However, cultural and linguistic barriers may lead to medical information being misinterpreted.

What You Should Know about the World’s Spoken Languages

Interpreters need to consider translation assignments, keeping in mind the specific region, dialect, cultural and contextual issues along with skill sets and industry experience.

Translation Services- The Need of the Hour - exploreB2B

Any business that is looking to an international foray must first understand the various aspects of global expansion. For businesses entering the foreign marketplace, it is very important to adapt to the language and cultural changes that await them.

Master Top 5 Popular Languages to Widen Career Options

With Globalization making an impact, gone are the days when one could master just a single language. In the past, native speakers of commonly spoken languages, such as English, could go about conducting their international business without any problem.

Critical Aspects of Legal Translation

Legal translation services play a vital role in the global arena. For the expansion of any business internationally, legal translation is elementary and must be done accurately to avoid legal or financial hassles.

Translation Services for Surveys in Foreign Languages

To globally extend the reach of your business, it's important to take part in surveys and market research. Conducting a survey is much like a test. Making people take a test in a language that they do not understand is not a great idea, to say the least.

Translation Services When Traveling Abroad: Which Translation Agency to Hire | Business, Tourism | -...

One of the biggest challenges when traveling abroad is, not knowing the native language. Although English is spoken in many parts of the world, you will be surprised to know that only one-fourth of the World's total population actually speaks the language.

Common Mistakes in Real Time Translation

Real time translation is a specialized skill that can be mastered only by professionals who have an excellent command over more than one language. In any kind of translation, the emphasis is that the context of expressions in one language is kept the same when it is translated into the other.

Hiring a Capable Interpretation Services Provider: What to Look for in a Translation Service

A big mistake that even big multinational companies have made in hiring a language translation service provider is to depend on word-by-word translators. The result is that the translated or interpreted version is all Greek, especially when they needed simultaneous interpretation of a speech.

Sheri Brown

When we move out of our comfort zone and travel to another country, effective communication is one area where we don't want to go wrong. However, we do not want to spend months and years in mastering a foreign language! Do you think there is a quick way to learn a new language?

Get a free quote for languages translation services

Please complete the form below for a translation estimate. Upload your files and we'll respond quickly with cost and time estimates. No obligation, quick, accurate and easy. Or call us at 1-800-872-6752.

This Is A Never-Ending Struggle With Words!

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Beware of Translation Agencies - How to Identify?

High quality Computer-based translation for client's savings: These days,numerous translating agencies are using computer technology for doing translation quicker. Some even use special memory applications like Computer-Assisted Translation (CATs) software. A major problem with such tools is that they translate words and sentences literally, which many change the intended message.

Best Language Translation Services

Pearls Ocean is a leading translation company, actively providing services all over the world. We have experienced native translators to provide quality work. We can translate 200+ languages successfully with the support of our team, if you require language translation for books, medical, legal, website, etc. kindly visit: or email us at

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