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Cycling Clothing

A collection of cycling clothing that I think is nice for cycling in and good for performance and I want to buy eventually.

Bicycle Chainrings

Replace a chainring on your bike so that you can keep cycling thanks to Alimay Sports. Get free delivery on SRAM chainrings from 28 tooths all the way up to a 55 tooth chainring for your bicycle.

Alimay Sports | Bike Parts and Cycling Accessories in the UK - Product Details - Chainsets - Bicycle Chainsets from A...

Upgrade your bike or replace your chainset as part of your bicycle groupset with great prices on chainsets from Alimay Sports. You can also get free shipping on your order.

Bicycle Cleats

Here's a brief history lesson: Bike pedals used to come with a toe clip - a piece of fabric or plastic that wraps around a cyclists toes and attach to the bike's pedals. This has changed recently so that bikes have removed the toe clips and use the clipless system to give cyclists the best performance on a bike.

Cycling Accessories as part of a Cyclist's Lifestyle

In the UK, cycling is on the increase and it seems that there is more and more attention being paid to cyclists. On the face of it, that sounds like a good thing, the more people know about cycling the better.

Bicycle Chains

Road Cycling and Mountain Biking Chains for 9 speed, 10 speed and 11 speed bikes. Alimay Sports have a wide chain collection including SRAM Power Lock Chains with free delivery in the UK.

Cycling Accessories for the UK

Cycling is important to a lot of us in the UK, and that's for many reasons. Before reading any further in the post, look at the offer we have below and see how this post discusses why we do things the way we do.

How Cyclists can benefit from good Cycling Accessories

Cycling Accessories have the potential to change a cyclists life. That all depends on what kind of lifestyle you live and how cool you are, but we certainly feel it could happen.

The Most Important Bicycle Parts for the new Cycling Season

As 2013 has cycled away into the distance, and 2014 is sprinting around us, we all have to make our last ditch attempts to make up for the cycling training we didn't do during the winter but need to do to keep our teeth off the bar tape during the cycling season.

How Alimay Sports works with Bicycle Parts and Components

The amount of bicycle components available to cyclists in the UK is huge. Most cyclists know what they want, certainly the experienced cyclists know what they need. However, many who are new to cycling aren't always sure what the best cycling accessories brands are, and so feel a little lost when they see the amount of bicycle parts available with online bicycle stores in the UK.

Bike Forks and Suspension

Browse our selection of bike forks and mountain bike suspension at low prices and have them shipped for free to your door. Alimay Sports offer great discounts and free delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Online Cycling Shopping - We value your experience

Where is the biggest *online cycling store? That's a question that many cyclists question, and we don't know if we want to be the biggest online cycling store.* We would prefer to be the answer to the question, where is the best online cycling store.

Bicycle Front Derailleurs

Buy a front derailleur for your bicycle whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike. Alimay Sports have a full collection of SRAM front derailleurs with free shipping in the UK.

Bicycle Parts and Components

Cyclists want to get better cycling performance, and besides from cycling more and training hard, cyclists can get that from good bicycle parts and cycling accessories. Bigger isn't always better, and in cycling that is very often the case.

Bicycle Gear Levers

Here you can find Double Tap levers for Road Bikes, Trigger and Twist Levers for MTB Bikes, and Bar end shifters for Triathlon and Time Trial bikes.

Bicycle Maintenance Tips - Part 1

I bought a new bike and I will love it forever. The dedicated words of every cyclist ever. That is until we all realize we have family, friends, a social life, a job, and all the other little responsibilities that make it difficult to find time to cycle...

Bicycle Handlebars

Replace a broken bicycle stem or upgrade to a carbon bike stem to improve your cycling. Alimay Sports have a wide collection of bike stems in alloy, aluminium and carbon. All with free UK Shipping.

Maintaining your bike properly from the time you fall in love with it - Part 1

This is it. This is the one where I take proper care of my bicycle, clean it down every time I take it out for a ride, do proper maintenance on it, and treat i

Handlebars Tape and Grips

Handlebar Tape and Grips Cyclists have many delicate body parts, and one of those things are their hands. This means that it's important to get the right protection for your hands. Hopefully you will have a good pair of cycling gloves and/or cycling mitts, if you don't then check out our clothing range.

Alimay Sports | Bike Parts and Cycling Accessories in the UK

Alimay Sports | Bike Parts and Cycling Accessories in the UK - Home Low Prices on Bike Parts and Cycling Accessories are important for every cyclists and we understand that so we give you the best discounts the more you buy.

Bike Pedals

Bike pedals are as complex as they are fascinating. Bike pedals have come a long way since the invention of the first bikes. Moving from a flat pedal platform, to toe clips and now to clipless pedals. We've put a good explanation about cleats and modern pedals in our cleats section which we recommend you read if you're new to cycling.

Bicycle Maintenance Tips Part 1 - SportsBlog

Cycling Accessories Tips for the proud owner of a new bike. Part 2. This is part 2 of cycling accessories tips for any cyclist whether you are in the UK,Ireland,America,Australia or anywhere else to get the maximum enjoyment and health benefits from cycling. Cycling Shoes Shoes for the cyclist are next on the list.

Cycling Power Meters

Get the most out of your training with a power meter on your bike. Alimay Sports have great prices and discounts on Quarq power meters for your cycling training plus free UK delivery.

Bicycle Rear Derailleurs

Buy a rear derailleur for your bicycle for your cassette, either 9 speed, 10 speed or 11 speed. There is free shipping in the UK and Ireland with Alimay Sports.

Bicycle Guide to Parts and Clothing: UK Bike Parts Online Bike Shop

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