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Updated by Vanhishikha Bhargava on Oct 12, 2016
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Facebook Marketing

Here's a look at the content strategies of brand names on Facebook. Got a page review or content strategy to add? Please feel free to do so!

Can I Have McContent Please? A Lesson for Bigger Brands

When it comes to content marketing, social media content and the like - no one seems to be short of ideas. What kind of content will work? What kind of content won't work? It's all a guessing game as far as some marketers are concerned. Sometimes, a post posing a question does well.

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Intel

If you think established brands can't go wrong with their marketing strategies, I suggest you take a look at McDonald's UK Facebook page. You'll eat your words - really quick. When it comes to social media marketing, keeping up with trends is a task in itself and even the best of the best falter.

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: XBOX

The Facebook page has become an invaluable resource to marketers in every sphere of influence, and the gaming community is no exception. In tandem with the launch of its newest gaming console, Microsoft hosts a Facebook fan page for its XBOX ONE. Here, they share content, updates, news, and more, all involving gaming and their console....

Vin Diesel's Human Approach To Success On Facebook!

Vin Diesel. A celebrity name that has become synonymous to the Fast and Furious series comes across as the most 'liked' celebrity page on Facebook. We aren't surprised, are you? Those of you, who have been following the series closely, would be as much in love with the actor (and the cars) as we are....

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: The Simpsons

With its intelligently written, subversively humorous and delightfully witty script, The Simpsons continues to poke fun at itself and almost everything in its wake; being the longest running television show unknown to none. We know you missed no episode of the show that is now in its historic 26th season.

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: HBO

Yeah, Game of Thrones (GOT) belongs to the channel and yada yada yada, but, come on, would you believe it if I said that HBO's official Facebook page had more likes (10,638,803 likes), than that of GOT (8,662,059 likes)? I mean, HOW? For the brand, of course, this is a happy case of win-win.

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Expedia

In this installment of our Facebook Page Reviews we will be turning our attention to the travel industry, which has recently been recognized for its exceptional performance on its social media platforms. Will they hold up to the hype? What are they currently doing on social media?

Facebook Content Strategy and Page Review: Dreyer's Singapore

Success of a brand page on Facebook is all about proportion, engagement, genre and strategy. We have already dissected the content strategies of XBOX and Intel on Beta21. The two brands are from different genres and have different target audiences. However, both content strategies address a wider consumer net to build brand equity.

The Many Tunes of Social Media: Marketing Lessons From Beyonce

No one was expecting it. There was no buzz. No drum rolls. No plug-gy interviews. Just one word- 'Surprise!' And, a teensy video. But, Queen Bey knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to give traditional marketing the cold shoulder to announce the release of her latest album Beyonce- on Instagram.

A One Day 400,000+ Increase in Facebook Page Likes Explained

Being rated as one of the most coveted fast food brands in the world doesn't come easy. Apart from keeping the best quality standard around the food making it 'talk of the town' requires a robust marketing strategy. Like all other businesses fast food brands have endorsed 'Social Media' as the new marketing mantra, and...

Removal Of The 20% Rule On Facebook: What Does It Mean For Marketers - Adalyz

It is a moment of joy for social media marketers. Facebook has finally removed the 20% rule for advertisement from the platform. This means that creatives with too much text on them will no longer be rejected. This is good news indeed, right? It is!

How Facebook Retargeting Improves ROI On Marketing Budgets

Understanding how Facebook retargeting improves the ROI on marketing budgets that businesses set aside for social media.

5 Creative Uses Of Canvas Ads That Your Business Must Try - Adalyz

With Facebook canvas ads hitting the digital industry like a storm, here are 5 creative ways to use them to market your business better.

Why And How Businesses Can Grow With User Generated Content

Here's how the top brands use the power of user generated content to maintain their position in the niche till date. And how you can do it too!

10 Photo Editing Apps You Absolutely Need In 2017 – Super Startups

The digital landscape has practically grown out of hand. Internet users and businesses are sharing content every minute, and it is becoming…