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Link Roundup 2/22

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Fri, February 21 2014 Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good Filed under: Social Media * In honor of Social Media Week, I asked a few of our favorite nonprofit experts to weigh in with their personal picks for nonprofits who are hitting it out of the park on social media.

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Thu, February 20 2014 Marketing Content Associate, Network for Good Filed under: Fundraising essentials * Nonprofit leadership * If you're a fundraiser who is struggling to get your executive director or board to understand why you should launch an online fundraising program or invest more in online giving tools, try these talking points to help plead your case.

Three Lessons from 13 Years of Strategic Philanthropy

The complexity of social change is what makes strategic philanthropy valuable. The Value of Strategic Planning & Evaluation In this ongoing series of essays, practitioners, consultants, and academics explore the value of strategy and evaluation, as well as the limits and downsides of these practices.

John Kluge Talks 'Charity And Philanthropy For Dummies'

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 02/07/14 Editor's Note: This post first appeared as an Ashoka "Change in the Making" Forbes post and was written by Terry Donovan with the Global Media and Communications team and Kate Jenkins with the US Team. John Kluge (@klugesan) is co-author with Karl T.

4 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Online Interaction

The education sector is rapidly changing and adapting to new technologies. Modern days have made educators go above and beyond with their teaching skills and learn to use new tools to innovate their style and create a better learning environment for students. Starting with correspondence courses and ending up with the apparition of MOOCs, education ...

Why Should Nonprofits Take Advantage of the Mobile Web?

Businesses of all types have recognized mobile marketing as a vital element for future success, and as a result are creating entire campaigns within the mobile realm. Nonprofits can look at these strategies and draw parallels to their own marketing, recognizing areas in which they can update and improve.

New Study Shows People Don't Read Articles, they Retweet

Are you impressed every time a blog post by your organization gets a lot of retweets? How about all those social shares on Huffington Post and Mashable? How many times has your boss come to you and asked "why can't we get those social share numbers?"

White House to honor CA students who created app for college applications

WATSONVILLE, California -A weeklong hackathon at UC Santa Cruz over the summer produced a mobile app that helps students navigate through college applications. Six months and dozens of downloads later, a group of Watsonville High School students is being nationally recognized for its work.

Link Roundup 2/21

Listly List - Link Roundup 2/21 - The Psychology Behind Brainstorming: Why it Doesn't Always Work and 4 Ways To Get Ideas More Consistently, Weekly roundup: Social Enterprise Network: 21 February 2014, Personalizing Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Message | NTEN, 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Trying New Technology, 4 Ways

9 reasons your nonprofit should use online petitions - even if you're not an advocacy organization " PICnet Blog

To effectively raise money and build an engaged group of supporters, your organization needs more than just a donate page on its website. You need strategies and tools that move people from casual visitor to recurring donor and dedicated supporter - all while minimizing overhead.

Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics | NTEN

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to improve their blog's content and promote their blog better. At 14NTC, we will discuss how nonprofits can get more out of their blogs in the session I will be leading titled " Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics."

Room to Grow: A Look at the Changing Landscape of Green Startups

Editor's note: From food to fashion, this weekly series asks startup founders at New York City incubators to weigh in on the pluses and minuses of certain popular industries. With hybrid vehicles, solar panels and rooftop gardens becoming more than novelties, the green revolution is going strong, and Green Spaces is at its forefront.

Global development tweeters to watch in 2014

Are you bored with your Twitter timeline? Fed up with reading tweets about selfies? If you're looking for something different, check out our tips on the development tweeters to watch in 2014. Tom Murphy runs the View From the Cave blog and reports for humanosphere.

Low Hanging Fruit of Social Media: 12 Quick Changes That Will Make Big Results

Would you like to get more out of your social media marketing campaign? If so, there are some quick changes you can make to your profiles, pages, and activity that can make a big difference in results. Here are 12 simple profile hacks and engagement tips you can apply to increase fans, followers, and traffic to your website.