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Marketing tools and softwares

All the tools your business needs for efficient digital and content marketing.

7 Metrics That You Need To Track For Instagram Success - Adalyz

Every brand is on Instagram today running multiple campaigns. But here are the 7 metrics you need to measure for Instagram success.

Creating a Content Marketing Plan With Swayy

Content marketing is trending the social media circles. But coming up with unique brand content again and again is a task in itself. Here's a tool that will let you in on what's trending around your brand and in your circles to keep you up-to-date at all times! Swayy.

A Guide to ManageFlitter for Social Marketers

Analytics plays a major role and is the key to success of any Social Media campaign. It not only helps a brand access its campaign strategy better but also gives valuable inputs on interactions by its followers. If you have been handling Twitter for your clients, chances are that at some point of time you...

Analyzing Twitter Activity with Twitonomy

Twitter is a favorite with brands. It is almost always a complimentary companion when it's not one's primary social media Weapon of Mass Communication (WMD...err C). After all, you want to remind people on Twitter that you have posted something on Facebook or LinkedIn or Youtube or Pinterest and they should go check it out....

Find the Perfect Images for Social Media with Compfight

"I want to see a picture before I buy what you say" - I have and I am sure even you have said and heard these words before, being the buyer or a seller. Words have been ruling our expressions, but saying 'IT' with pictures is what we all do now.

SocialBro - The Best 'Bro' for Twitter Management

Right from its inception in 2006, Twitter has been a constant platform for unique engagement across the world. Due to lack of its native analytics tool, Twitter analytics were dependent on third party applications/services and till date the native tool does not provide the very best, hence more and more brands across the globe have...

Jelly: The Instagram for Asking Questions

Jelly, a new app backed by a clump of sparkly celebrities) including Jack Dorsey, Al Gore and even Bono) is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. Jelly, launched on January 7th of this year is a crowd-sourced service that has been bombarded with Twitter Followers, broken (mundane) news and earned the participation of the Facebook...

Who's Talking About Your Brand? Social Mention for Beginners

Ever wish that you had some sort of magical device that let you see what everyone was saying about you behind your back? If you are a curious marketer, then there is a tool which can do just that, and it is far from magic. That tool is Social Mention, a search engine capable of...

RebelMouse: A Revolutionary Way of Storytelling

What happens when Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, Flicker and even your blog and RSS feeds - all gets rolled into one? What you get is a social network of social networks. Before you could wish such a platform really existed, someone already thought of creating it for you.

The Pinterest Time Saver - ViralTag

Creating a repository for your inspirations, your likes, your imaginations- an idea that inspired many is now a technology in the form of Pinterest. Surrounded by market leaders like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has created a niche for itself as the latest paradigm shift. Pinterest is like the visual bulletin board of the web.

An Introduction to the Ultimate Social Media Tool - Sprout Social

A lot of social media tools have been invented and a significant amount of them faded away quickly; be it due to their limited functionalities or their similarity to another in the market, there wasn't possibly any way they could have survived in this ever changing world of social.

The Most Effective Way to Read Articles Later with Pocket

So you have just come across this article but you're running late for a meeting. What should you do? Well, save it for later in your Pocket. Confused? Let me introduce to you yet another creation of social media which is known to be obsessed with making things easy for its users: the Pocket app....

Why Popups Are Not Dead And Which Of Them Really Work - Exit Bee Blog

After a number of posts on how popups help business websites convert more of their visitors, here’s a statement we’d like to put out there:

Thanks to Listly, You Don't Need to Suck Up to Influencers Any More

Reaching out to the influencers in your field can not only be tiresome, but troublesome as well. The research it takes to find one influencer with maximum followers can be hectic and the process after that doesn't get any easier. They sometimes don't respond to the dozen of mails you send to them requesting a...

SocialFlow: A Tool For Real Time Engagement

Company: SocialFlow Inc. Website: About: SocialFlow uses real time data to understand the changing trends amongst your audience and map your content on those platforms where it will get maximum attention. Usage: This social media tool is best suited for businesses that rely a lot on their content marketing strategy.

Leaf: An Amazing Tool To Analyze Twitter Profiles

WEBSITE: About: Leaf is a Chrome extension that allows you to access detailed and precise analytics from Twitter profiles that interests you - be it your followers, influencers, competitors or even just your own profile directly from the Twitter or Tweetdeck page. A Tool To Increase Audience Engagement

Company: Website: About: is the first mobile web application that enables everyone to create and share mobile web applications from their smartphones. These applications are distributed as short URLs are are easy to share via text messages, email or on social networks. It is optimized for iOS 6+ and Android 4.1+ .... A Tool To Increase Audience Engagement

Company: Website: About: is the first mobile web application that enables everyone to create and share mobile web applications from their smartphones. These applications are distributed as short URLs are are easy to share via text messages, email or on social networks. It is optimized for iOS 6+ and Android 4.1+ ....

Find Influencers for Your Brand with Keyhole

Company: Keyhole Website: About: Keyhole is a real time social conversation tracker for some of the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Usage: This tool can be used by marketers to create effective content marketing strategies as it lets them focus on relevant keywords as well as stories trending in...

TakeOff: The Smart Instagram Scheduler

Tool name: TakeOff Website: About: TakeOff is a smart Instagram scheduler that can be used by individuals or businesses to schedule their posts on Instagram along with the right hashtags to get maximum exposure. Highlight: The tool is gaining popularity for the following features: The UI offered by the tool is easy to comprehend.

15 Must-Have Online Store Tools To Get More Sales

The eCommerce industry has been fast growing and if you have recently jumped on the bandwagon, you’ll probably already know how challenging it is to get customers. You’re able to use attractive offers to drive traffic to your website, but making them complete the purchase is a different ball game altogether.

9 Tools To Keep A Close Watch On Your Brand Mentions – Super Startups

The only way to ensure that you’re building the right image of your brand in your target market, is to keep a tab on what people are saying…

10 Tools You Need To Improve Customer Experience On Your Website

Customer experience or user experience is the sum of the experience that people from your target market have on your business website. From browsing to navigating and exploring your products/services, understanding what you do and making an interaction with you, each of these aspects define how you rank on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

5 examples of good and bad popups!

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10 Photo Editing Apps You Absolutely Need In 2017 – Super Startups

The digital landscape has practically grown out of hand. Internet users and businesses are sharing content every minute, and it is becoming…