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Link Roundup 2/21

Three Lessons from 13 Years of Strategic Philanthropy

The complexity of social change is what makes strategic philanthropy valuable. The Value of Strategic Planning & Evaluation In this ongoing series of essays, practitioners, consultants, and academics explore the value of strategy and evaluation, as well as the limits and downsides of these practices.

John Kluge Talks 'Charity And Philanthropy For Dummies'

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 02/07/14 Editor's Note: This post first appeared as an Ashoka "Change in the Making" Forbes post and was written by Terry Donovan with the Global Media and Communications team and Kate Jenkins with the US Team. John Kluge (@klugesan) is co-author with Karl T.

4 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Online Interaction

The education sector is rapidly changing and adapting to new technologies. Modern days have made educators go above and beyond with their teaching skills and learn to use new tools to innovate their style and create a better learning environment for students. Starting with correspondence courses and ending up with the apparition of MOOCs, education ...

Google offers its help to monitor deforestation in near-real-time (video)

Google is no stranger to humanitarian work, and its latest effort is helping keep an unflinching eye on the world's trees. For its part in the Global Forest Watch, the search giant is providing tech (namely, Earth and Maps) that allows virtually anyone to monitor deforestation on a massive scale.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Trying New Technology

Yesterday, we looked at an infographic that looked at the implementation of a blended learning program. It talked about how to set yourself up for success when implementing blended learning, what some attributes of a great blended learning program are, and drivers of blended learning.

Link Roundup 2/20

Listly List - Link Roundup 2/20 - 3-D printing could offer savings on replica lab kit, Energizing Kayunga With Solar, Computer Instruction for Street Children, Strategic Philanthropy and the Risk of Certainty, Why Should Nonprofits Take Advantage of the Mobile Web?, Building ICT Capacity in Reproductive Health Orgs in Ethiopia,

Engaging the New "Giving Generation"

The millennial reputation includes a lot of things: they've been classified the "me me me" generation, the generation who grew up with helicopter parents, and the generation who demands work-life balance, among other things. While I don't necessarily agree with all of these labels, there's one millennial label that studies support, and nonprofits aren't taking...

Personalizing Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Message | NTEN

If you're anything like the majority of nonprofits out there, you're likely trying to find new, creative, and fruitful ways to raise money. It's no mystery that fundraising is a pretty important part of an organization's ability to do good in their community. It's also well known that fundraising is tough.

Weekly roundup: Social Enterprise Network: 21 February 2014

Hello, good morning and welcome to this week's social enterprise news roundup. Our unique space to bring you the latest news, advice and analysis from the social enterprise sector. What happened? * On the network this week we discussed generation Y and social business - in light of the news that young job seekers prefer job fulfilment over finance.

Simple ideas, big impact - in pictures

Social enterprises are using simple products to meet their communities' needs - and generating global social impact

About Event | Conscious Capitalism

more than forty 75-minute practicums, mapping onto the principles of Conscious Capitalism, including: Systems Thinking * The Art & Architecture of Community Building * Meetings That Don't Suck * Unleashing Innovation: The Question is the Answer * Building a Values-Based Culture among many others.

5 Methods for Avoiding Procrastination for Nonprofits

I found this wonderful comic on Mashable " The Field Guide to Procrastination" that identifies 12 different methods for work avoidance or procrastination, defined in Wikipedia as " putting off tasks for a later date." We all do it. The comic is funny but a fairly accurate depiction of how we procrastinate.

The Psychology Behind Brainstorming: Why it Doesn't Always Work and 4 Ways To Get Ideas More Consistently

Today's post was supposed to be about how to have an effective brainstorming session. Unfortunately, when I started researching brainstorming and what it's really all about, I nearly put myself to sleep. I've never come across so much talk of meetings and rules and conference rooms in a topic that supposed to be creative.