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Updated by Health and Tech on Aug 23, 2017
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GIALife Pendant - GIA Wellness EMF Pendants

The GIALife Pendant is a personal EMF proteciton device from GIA Wellness. It comes in different versions: Classic Pendant, Heart Pendant, Pendant Lite, Filigree Design and Cross Design. Powered by ERT (Energy Resonance Technology) to help reduce the harmful effects of stress and electromagnetic radiation exposure.


GIALife Pendant - Videos, User Reviews

GiaLife Pendant is Your Personal EMF & Stress Protection 24/7 - The GIALifeā„¢ Pendant is a body-worn application designed to combat life's stressors, such as electropollution, and many others. Strengthens biofield against the harmful effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) Water-resistant Reduces stress, improves mental focus Powered by GIA Wellness's own proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) [...]

GIAlife Pendant - GIA Wellness

The GIAlife Pendant provides you with a body-worn, bioenergetic solution to help you deal with everyday debilitating stress, including electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Experience for yourself the pendant's unique energy enhancement qualities, which have already improved thousands of lives across the world.* Product Overview Today's wireless world requires strengthened mental, emotional and physical resilience.

[Video] GIAlife Pendant - Product Feature

Video overview of the GIA Life Pendant, the body-worn stress and EMF protection device from GIA Wellness.

[Video] GIAlife Pendant - User Feedback

GIALife pendant users share their experiences using the product from GIA Wellness. The Gia pendant promises to safeguard one's health and well-being from stress and from the damaging effects of continuous exposure to EMF generated by wired and wireless devices.

GIA Wellness GIALife Pendant - Reviews and More - Learnist

The GIALife Pendant offered by GIA Wellness is a personal or body-worn device designed to reduce stress and minimize the potential health risks from electropollution. It comes in four styles: Classic, Heart, Filigree and the Lite Pendant. Welcome to your new Learn Board This is a Learn board.

GIALife Pendant from GIA Wellness: Does It Work? - kuratur

The short answer: YES, definitely. The GIALife Pendant does work. But you need more than that. So in this post we're going to explain more what the GIA Wellness pendant is, how ti works, the proprietary technology that makes it work, and, last but not least, the user reviews.