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Top 20 Posts by Visits During's First Year launched a year ago this March. Here are the top 20 posts by visits from the last year.

Eight Ways to Go from Idea to Execution

Going from idea to execution can often be one of the most difficult tasks. Here are eight ways that successful entrepreneurs have used to remove their ideas from their thoughts and convert them into executable tasks. 1. Get the Idea Out of Your Head and Onto Paper This may require that you host a brainstorming ...

Editorial Calendar Template for iWork Numbers

11/10/2013 UPDATE: Numbers no longer supports Categories, a feature that figured into the original version of this template. I have updated it for use without Categories. That just makes it a more manual process to add rows to your Week of Section (insert rows versus the software inserting them in the right place for you).

12 Steps to Take You From Product Design to Manufacturing

Have you ever thought about creating your own product but have been put off by the process as there are so many components. This article explains simply the process of product concept to manufacture and assembly in 12 steps. Step 1: Product Concept This consists of basic sketches around your product idea.

What Qualities Make A Good Project Manager?

A great project manager needs a combination of the following key qualities that are crucial for any truly effective project leader... Excellent Communicator We will start off with this one as it is arguably the most important of all. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively when managing any project or team is a skill that is absolutely essential.

Proposal Template for iWork Pages

In an effort to get more iWork/Mac-friendly templates out there, is a new proposal template for Pages. Edit to suit your needs, and Enjoy! Related PostsProject Management TemplateKeynote Template for Online Marketing ReportingEditorial Calendar Template for iWork NumbersHere's the Deal: Infographic Design Software You Already Have Access ToAdwords Planning Template Proposal Template for iWork Pages ...

Adwords Planning Template

If you've ever gone into Google Adwords without a well-thought out plan, you probably know how easy it is to make a mess of things. You need to have a clear idea of what campaigns you will have, what ad groups those campaigns will contain, the content of your ads, and the keywords for each ad group's focus.

Editorial Calendar Template

Do you have an editorial calendar to help you plan your blog, social media, and other content planning? The idea of putting together an editorial can be daunting. Ugh, the idea of planning out every single thing you will blog about-then actually taking time to blog about it. Who has time, right?

Top 5 Essential Microsoft Project Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Project has been an integral tool for Project Managers for years. Its complete tool set that enables the control and visibility of all aspects of any project makes it an invaluable assets - despite its flaws. It is a powerful tool for managing all aspects of a project and the 2010 version improves visibility ...

Five Preventative Steps that Could Save Your Business from Major Disaster

Business disasters can appear in several forms, from acts of God to man-made mischief. While you can't stop a natural disaster or people from doing things that harm your businesses, you can take preventative steps that will protect you when those things happen.

Electronics En-route: Four Ways to Protect Electronics on Business Trips

Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about lost or damaged electronic devices in your carry-on or checked luggage. This worry becomes even greater when the electronics you're worried about damaging happen to be owned by your place of business. This creates a unique level of stress that can really only be understood by ...

What is Ghost Shopping

The term "ghost shopping" is a phrase use to describe mystery shopping. This is when a hired shopper frequents a store anonymously to assess their customer service. Why is Mystery Shopping Important? In the past, business executives and managers had no idea how their staff behaved when they were out of the store.

Project Management Template

Running a small business can be tough at times. In a small business one person may wear many hats. For example, one person may be responsible for accounts payable, marketing, and project management. Attached is a basic project management template to help you manage your projects.

An insight into the different types of courier services

An insight into the different types of courier services Whilst most of us are very much aware of the importance of selecting a good courier service for your shipping needs, most of us don't really understand the differences between the types of couriers out there: Hauliers, freight forwarders, carriers, couriers and same day companies all ...

Content Creation Management with Trello

Content marketing is the big thing these days. After all, without quality content you have little reason for people to visit your site. Want more visitors? Create great content on a routine basis. Easy answer, but it can be a challenge to manage.

Five Tips for Leaving a Memorable Impression with Your Clients

As the business world grows increasingly competitive, it continues to be vital to leave a lasting impression with your clients. You want them to remember your company name and associate that name with a positive experience. While this task might seem overwhelming, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that clients remember you more often and more fondly.

5 Tips On Dressing For A Successful Interview

The way you're dressed can oftentimes make or break an interview. Dressing sloppy can leave a bad impression while dressing up shows that you're professional and that you care about this job. What you look like on the outside often reflects on your personality so if you look well put-together, the hiring manager can guess ...

The Importance of Solid Brand Identity

In an age in which consumers are spoiled for choice, the significance of brand identity becomes ever more vital. Whilst the state of the economy has made consumers more cautious, it has not stopped them purchasing and people are now spending more time than ever researching brands and making educated choices before they buy into ...

Seven Creative Ways You Can Promote Your Brand

The symbols of your brand including name, logo and slogan should conjure an image of your products in the mind of customers. You are as good as your brand. For example, we all know Nike. Whenever we see their logo, we know it's them.

Top 10 Social Media WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Social Media WordPress Plugins (via A powerful list of best social media wordpress plugins for 2013 startup. Today social media is no more a place to meet and explore unknown people all across the world. Today in this SEO era, social networking plays the most important role in ranking any domain on ...

How to Become a More Assertive Boss

Being the boss is easy, right? You're in charge, you dictate what needs to be done and everyone follows your lead. If only it were that simple! There is an unthinkable amount of psychology involved in the dynamic between employers and employees and unfortunately many of us find ourselves stuck in a place where we ...