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Link Roundup 2/19

Cause Marketing and Millennials

Cause marketing is a term I've been hearing a lot lately. I've seen postings for new positions at corporations and other for-profit companies for cause marketing strategists - people to help the company maximize its charitable and philanthropic relationships all the while reaching potential consumers in ways not normally possible.

Link Roundup 2/18

Listly List - Link Roundup 2/18 - Partnering for Peace Through Education, Internet Presence and Sexual Education in Itacare Brazil, Homeless seeking out tech tools in the Tenderloin, 3 Ways to Gear Up for Your Spring Fundraising Event, Planning a better future with partnerships and social innovation, The Youth Empowerment

Lift Up Your Nonprofit Donors with Their Olympic Moment

The Olympic torch. The lyrics remembered from a Whitney Houston song sung at the 1988 Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Chills ran down my spine. The hairs stood straight on my neck. Cheesy, I know. But it got to me. We all yearn for that one moment where we step outside our daily, mundane lives and exceed [...]

Influence, Credibility, Effectiveness Measured in New Poll

News & Articles > Influence, Credibility, Effectiveness Measured in New Poll Patrick Sullivan - February 18, 2014 World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund and The Nature Conservancy are rated as the most trusted nonprofit partners for corporations, according to a new report. GreenBiz Group in Oakland, Calif., evaluated 30 nonprofits on the basis of influence, credibility and effectiveness.

21 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits | NTEN

I love nonprofits. And I love social media. But nonprofits don't always "get" social media. While there are few truly firm rules about using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or any of the other myriad of platforms out there, there are some things that bug donors.

Generation Y: why young job seekers want more than money

New research shows Millennials are less interested in financial security and more concerned with job fulfilment Guardian Professional, Employment prospects are looking up for this year's university-leavers, with graduate recruitment on the rise and starting salaries higher than the UK average. However, research shows that for the youngest generation entering the workplace, financial security is not what matters most.

The Nonprofit Fundraiser's Guide to Social Network Valuation

With all of the available social networks available to nonprofit marketers and fundraisers, it can be hard to appropriately allocate resources to the ones that matter to their individual charity. Last December, PewResearch released their 2013 Social Media Update report which studied the demographic details of the five major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Agriculture Investment is Focus of New Equity Crowdfunding Platform

In a world with a skyrocketing population that already faces global food security issues, finding more efficient and productive ways to feed people in this era of drought and extreme weather is a key component of a more sustainable future.

Everett Program :: Home

We train dozens of outstanding students each year to implement Social Enterprise projects. These students need partners with whom to work and design a project that will benefit all involved: You, them, and the community you serve. Consider adding your name to our database of changemakers.

Finding Your Inner Civic Hacker

He or she is in there... I promise! The technology landscape has evolved into a perfect storm open source tools and code, social networks, and best of all, lots and lots of data. Civic Technologists thrive on all of these, finding like-minded hackers in their communities, turning public data into useful maps, mobile apps, web dashboards, and other products.

Social Enterprise Week takes over Dubai in March

Organizers of Social Enterprise Week (SEW) in Dubai announced that the event will take place this year from March 4th to 9th. The week-long celebration will feature panel discussions every evening and guests speakers representing a range of business sectors sharing ideas on doing "good business".

Growing a meat alternative on Bangkok's rooftops

Urban farming can be a source of fresh and sustainable food even in some of the world's most polluted cities. EnerGaia, a Thai company that works with hotels, businesses and other building owners, is using previously unused rooftops to produce spirulina, an edible cyanobacteria which, if harvested on a large scale, could be used as a high-protein, sustainable alternative to meat.

Announcing the East Africa Fellows Class of 2014

Acumen is proud to announce the selection of our third cohort of East Africa Fellows. After a competitive selection process, we've chosen are a diverse group of 22 inspiring individuals who are fighting poverty and changing lives of people all over East Africa.

Everett Projects

The heart and soul of the Everett Program are student projects. College students have a fire inside and want to change the world, but too often are not given a chance to tackle the issues about which they so deeply care.

Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

I'm co-facilitating a session on Nonprofit Training Design and Delivery with colleagues John Kenyon, Andrea Berry, and Cindy Leonard at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference on Friday March 14th at 10:30 am! Join Us! Our session will share lots of great advice about what to do before, during, and after leading an effective technology training.

Instead App

A micro-donation app for non-profits that encourages people to live within or below their means in order to give. It