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Get Easy is a portal with articles that will help in household work, leisure and routine task.


Tips for a healthy face

While it is not easy to spend time in the classroom to repair the damage to the skin daily, yes you can give the necessary care to maintain the shine and charm of your face and enjoy a healthy skin . These tips for a healthy face will help you.

7 Fruits for perfect skin

Although today we can find all kinds of beauty products on the market, it's good to get a perfect skin in the most natural way possible. One of the best tricks that you should keep in mind has to do with the diet based on fruits .

Quick and Easy Tips antiaging

Over time, facial lines begin to betray our age. But before you rush to the plastic surgeon, believe it or not, there are easy options that will let you hide the wrinkles and aging and worth incorporate into your daily beauty routine.

5 uses of oats for beauty

The oatmeal is a healthy super food worth incorporating into our diet. But besides being a good food for breakfast or as a snack, it also has some amazing uses for beauty . Do not miss the benefits of oats to the beauty below! Oats can help you de-stress after a long workout.

Castor oil for hair growth

The hair loss or loss of thickness is common in some stage of life for both men and women. However, it is desirable that it be immediately and seek their causes. It can be due to many factors from genetics to an unhealthy diet or even medication.

Will Eating sugar causes wrinkles?

You know the effects they have sweet things in your silhouette and your teeth, but it's time to discover the relationship between sugar and wrinkles . Are you the lucky ones who eat sweets and not get fat? Or are you one of those who fight every day to not give in to temptation?

8 Secrets to Healthy Hair

The hair says a lot about us and we are always looking for ways to make it look more cute and healthy. Forget the chemicals and products that end up ruining your hair and opt for easy tips and simple beauty that will leave you hair better than ever .

6 beauty tips for dry hair

The dry hair is common in many women, and usually submit to all kinds of treatments, from the products featured in advertisements to natural old recipes or tips to manage it. As it is not easy to find the perfect formula to keep each shiny, silky and radiant hair, do not miss these six beauty tips for dry hair then!

Makeup Tips for Women with Glasses

If you are using secure lenses many times have you wondered how to make your face look better and accentuate your eyes behind the glasses. Follow these makeup tips for women with glasses and see that you can look amazing and the lenses are not a bar to see beautiful.

Face Mask Rice

In this article I want to advise you with a face mask of rice that goes very well, is very delicate and is suitable for all skin types. Both men and women. In addition, you can perform at home because I'm sure you have to hand water, paper towels and rice.

Making invitation cards using Microsoft Word

There is something special in the invitation cards made by you. Microsoft Word comes with many templates invitation cards that you can use to make your own cards for weddings, births or business meetings. You can use Microsoft Word template as is or you can modify the colors, images and words to make yours.

Cleaning Checklist for Maid

Cleaning your home regularly is important for your health, as it helps to remove dust, dirt and allergens, but can sometimes be a chore. A maid service can help you clean your house and keep it neat, especially if you do not have the time or if you are physically unable to clean it yourself.

Beauty tips to have long nails and strong

Strong nails that break easily and not grow fast is the dream of every woman who wants to have a beautiful hands . If we want to have beautiful nails is necessary to devote a few minutes of our daily routine or at least a week.

Beauty tips for firming the breasts

The passage of time and motherhood are primarily responsible for the breasts sag. The breast skin is very delicate so you must take good care. We must not forget to use proper bra continuously since the tissues and ligaments do not always support the weight of the breasts.

Uses of Coconut Oil for Beauty

Coconut oil is one of the best softening and moisturizing of nature and one of the best home remedies beauty to keep skin soft and smooth and restore the shine to your hair. 1. Use after a shower While you are still wet, rub coconut oil on the skin and then use a towel.

Eucalyptus and Rosemary Deodorant Homemade

Deodorants or antiperspirants are one of the essential hygiene products we all need. Most of us have tried several different brands in an attempt to find the ideal that meets all requirements. If you want a totally natural product, with a handful of easily recognizable ingredients (not a list of 20 ingredients of which has never heard) that is effective without causing stains or harmful side effects.

4 foods to relieve headache

You feel like your head will explode into a thousand pieces and is not the first time, but you're tired of taking aspirin. You ask, "Is there any other way to end the pain once and for all? ". In this post, I reply: Of course!

Healthy habits to prevent heart disease

The heart is the central organ of our circulatory system. It is the blood pumping to all our tissues, without it there is no life. So what if we take care of and incorporate these healthy habits to prevent heart disease ? 1.

Tips to improve physical health

Many of the tips to improve physical health insurance you today that we will know them, but maybe like me happen to you, but you know when you remember what it's like to come back again and finally activate to get moving again . Come on, remember, learn and execute them to feel full!

5 foods to burn belly fat

I've tried everything to burn those abs rolls, but they are still there, impassive and as flabby as if you had done nothing. Do not be discouraged, this situation may change and your diet can help. Learning about 5 foods to burn abdominal fat . Are you ready?

3 Benefits of vanilla for the skin

If you're the sort of person you are looking for how to improve your appearance, don't forget to read the 5 benefits of vanilla for the skin that we offer you on this occasion and learns a different way to yourself.

Food to lower the blood pressure

Untreated hypertension can trigger faults in the heart, artery diseases, strokes, and affections in the kidneys. For all these reasons, it is important to ensure our pressure -and not only through the use of drugs. In fact, the solution can be is our kitchen, in these foods to lower pressure.

Potato: 22 ways to use it besides cooking

It can be used as a compress, to let the most beautiful skin, among other purposes Potatoes are present in most homes and are used to prepare the most varied (and delicious) dishes: mashed potatoes, soups, mayonnaise, gnocchi and much more. Not to mention their tasty stuffed and fried versions that delight children and adults!

Colors Makeup for All Skin Types

A makeup applied well is an essential tool to enhance the beauty. And when I say good I mean not only implemented correctly, but also to use makeup colors that are best in our skin tone. You know what make look great on your face? You'll see...

Undercut Cut: A daring trend

Hello girls, today the Get Easy Tricks will talk about a cut that became one of the biggest fashion trends being used by various celebrities and also on the streets in various locations around the world. The cut undercut .