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Updated by James DeSalvo on Nov 15, 2017
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Simple Cell Phones Seniors

Best Low-Tech Cell Phones Suitable for Seniors

A series of reports by CBS News and USA Today explores the aging of an iconic generation and the impact on the nation. As smart-phones get increasingly complicated, there's another trend in the making: low-tech, easy-to-use, inexpensive cell phones for senior citizens.

Affordable Prepaid Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

There are a variety of cheap wireless phones available for the elderly or those looking for prepaid low cost cell phones. Inexpensive cell phones for seniors can be life savers in cases of emergency.

Cell phones for seniors

Nicole Lee Senior associate editor Given that cell phones exploded in popularity only in the last decade, quite a few people have lived well into their adult lives without ever owning one. Since learning to use a new technology can be challenging for anyone, a few companies have introduced cell phones designed specifically for senior citizens.

What's the Best Cell Phone Plan for Senior Citizens?

Each year, cellphone service plans seem to get bigger, better, and-most importantly-more expensive, all in order to accommodate new technological features that serve to further blur the line between phone and computer. The trend is not for everyone.

Top Senior-Friendly Cell Phones

Dear Savvy Senior: What types of simple cell phones can you recommend to seniors that are easy to use and that come without all the bells and whistles? My 77-year-old mother has had a cell phone for two years but never uses it because she finds it too confusing.