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DLE Curated Content Resource File

Curated Content Resource File for a Technology Class about Research


Citation Machine

Citation Machine

This website is a valuable tool to use when learning how to cite resources. It will help you correctly cite the materials using a few different citation formats.

This link provides access to MLA since most middle and high school teachers use this format.

Teaching Research Skills

This slide share presents the Four Stages of Inquiry and Research.

Library Guy, Internet Research and C.A.R.P. : don't get caught with a BIG FISH story!

Website Evaluation by Library Guy. L'il ol Library Guy tells you how not to hook a Big Fish Story by using the C.A.R.P. test. Of course it's done in terms of HIS favourite obsession: Carp fishing! Appropriate for Middle School students. Adapted from CNAL Libraries. "Evaluating Websites with Roxanne".

Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need

This tool breaks down how to search for your information based on what you are looking for. It provides several websites for students to browse.

Research Topic Triangle

This infographic helps students understand what it means when a topic is "too broad" vs. "too specific". Students need to find the right balance when beginning the research stage.

Five Ways to Teach Research Skills to Elementary School Children

Teaching research to elementary students will not work the same with middle school. Provide more guidance in the beginning.

How to Help Middle School Students Develop Research Skills

The research skills you stress with middle schools will differ from your lessons with elementary students. It is important middle school students develop good research habits to help them for the rest of their lives and / or careers.

21st Century Skills: Research and Media Fluency

This video presents students' creative possibilities when they know how to research various topics.

Basic Research Skills: Evaluating Sources

Students generally have the tendency to research simply by using Google or Wikipedia. However, students need to realize that these are not always valuable, expertly crafted resources. This video presents ways in which students should evaluate what makes a "good" resource.

Taking Research Notes | Educreations

This video provides information on why research notes are a helpful process in creating a finished research project. Note cards can help you determine where you want your information within the paper or project.

ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Hints About Print

Students, don't forget! You can still use the library to find the information you need for research. However, if you are going to use print materials, consider this tips for what deems the print useful to your research. This interactive video might be useful for elementary students.