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Comfrey Leaf Benefits

Discover Comfrey leaf benefits and how to make comfrey oil - it is a carpel tunnel natural remedy you know!


Make Comfrey Oil - It is a Carpel Tunnel Natural Remedy!

How to Make Comfrey Oil Making any type of herbal oil is a simple process of infusing the herb into a good quality oil that will allow absorption into the skin. I prefer Almond and Coconut oils for making ointments, oils and lotions.


Comfrey (also comphrey) is a common name for plants in the genus . Comfrey species are important herbs in organic gardening. It is used as a fertilizer and as an herbal medicine. The most commonly used species is Russian comfrey Symphytum ×  uplandicum , which is a cross or hybrid of Symphytum officinale (Common Comfrey) and Symphytum asperum (Rough Comfrey).


Comfrey is a plant. Even though this plant contains poisonous chemicals called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs), the leaf, root, and root-like stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine. The amount of PAs found in comfrey changes according to the time of harvesting and the age of the plant.

Growing and Using Comfrey Leaves

PHOTO: FOTOLIA/ FLORIN CAPILNEAN Related Content Four years ago - mostly from curiosity, because we'd heard so much about the plant's virtues - we set aside a small rectangular spot on our acre for a bed of 30 comfrey cuttings. They grew like mad.

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Comfrey: Herbal Remedies

Comfrey is from the Latin word conferta, meaning "to grow together"; Symphytum has the same meaning in Greek. Comfrey is so named because it is used as a herbal remedy to knit bones, mend lacerations, and heal wounds. Typically applied to the skin, comfrey can be a valuable healing tool.

Comfrey Oil Organic

Organic Comfrey Oil. A resource to buy Comfrey Oil that is organic. Comfrey is a natural skin care oil for people and pets. Use for sprains, bruises and swellings.

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