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Link Roundup 2/18

Respond on Social Media | Social Media Today

Yeah, I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Isn't that enough? While that is definitely a good start, by no means is that enough. In today's social atmosphere that we are a part of having a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterst, Google Plus, YouTube channel, and maybe even Vine isn't enough.

Café Impact: How-To Interview for a Social Justice Career | Dowser

Café Impact is democratizing access to careers of conscience. Jonathan Lewis brings together nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to give you the career-building skills you need to change the world. There's nothing all that unnerving about a social justice job interview that a really first-class miracle won't cure.

Abraham's Vision

Nadya Tannous | Summer 2011 | Blagaj, Bosnia Abraham's Vision is a non-profit organization based in Redwood City, CA that focuses on conflict transformation among Jewish, Muslim, Israeli, and Palestinian youth regarding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Abraham's Vision was founded in 2003 with the intent of creating a safe, transformative space for exploring both group and individual ...

Announcing a New Investment: Miliki Afya

Acumen is pleased to announce a $600,000 equity investment in Miliki Afya Ltd., a company that aims to create a chain of clinics that offer high quality, low cost, outpatient care and diagnostics in low income, densely populated areas in Kenya. An estimated 18 million Kenyans are in need of primary healthcare across urban, peri-urban and rural areas.

A (Very) Quick Guide to Building a Fundraising Community

Why should you be interested in building a fundraising community? Because it provides your nonprofit organization with a committed network of people and groups who will support your cause year-round, are genuinely interested in making significant strides towards your cause and make sure their personal networks are informed about your work.

SEC Decision on Crowdfunding: Will It Affect Nonprofit Fundraising?

October 23, 2013; PBS NewsHour, "The Rundown" Will opening up the field of crowdfunding business affect the market of donors to nonprofits? Some only see an upside, but will the ability of people with less wealth to contribute to development of business "crowd out" contributions to nonprofits?

The Youth Empowerment Institute

Thomas Gelder | Summer 2013 | Santa Cruz, CA YEI centered around 3 things: College access Exciting technology Giving youth the reins to both College Access You can view our general lessons and materials at the project website,, but basically what we taught were College Basics, Application Process, Financial Aid, Personal Statements, and Picking a ...

Homeless seeking out tech tools in the Tenderloin

Two plastic bags sit behind his chair, one filled with a worn-out sleeping bag, as he checks his e-mail. No doubt the neighborhood is improving, but drug dealers can still be found just yards from the lab's front door as police cruisers barrel along Golden Gate Avenue.

Planning a better future with partnerships and social innovation

Researchers from five countries - Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Uganda and the United States - met in Rio de Janeiro to plan the Better Futures Network. The meeting was co-sponsored by Carleton University's Centre for Community Innovation (CCCI).

Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Matters?

Before we delve deeper into the impact of sustainable development, we want to take a step back and ask a simple question, what does CSR mean?. Pi Slice, online microcredit platform in Middle-East and North Africa: lend from $20 and support projects of micro-entrepreneurs to reduce unemployment.

3 Ways to Gear Up for Your Spring Fundraising Event

As the days get longer, the time will come to return to a fundraising classic: the charity run/walk. The rising temperatures and New Year's resolutions to get fit lend themselves perfectly to an active, outdoor event.

Destroy Your Website in 13 Easy Steps

"I know enough to be dangerous." Ever heard that one? Ever said that one? It's a common thing to say, but sometimes we should take it literally. There are thousands of possible mistakes, but most of them are small and they do no long-term damage. But then there are the big screw-ups, the real disasters.

Internet Presence and Sexual Education in Itacare Brazil

Juliana Britto-Schwartz | 2012 | Iticare, Brazil For her GIIP Project, Juliana Britto Schwartz traveled to Brazil to get to know her own roots. She lived for three months in the beach town of Itacaré, located in the state of Bahia, a state famous for having a large Afro-Brazilian population.

5 Nonprofit Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Getting your nonprofit email marketing up and running can be both tricky and time consuming. In addition to a series of posts on email marketing for nonprofits, we've highlighted these 5 nonprofit email marketing mistakes we see many nonprofits making. Read on to prevent your emails from ending up in the junk folder.

Partnering for Peace Through Education

How a family foundation identified the nonprofit V-Day as a partner to create a new kind of scholarship program. February 14 marks the second-annual One Billion Rising event, organized by world leader in anti-violence activism V-Day.