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Link Roundup 2/17

3 Mobile Compatible Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

With 51% of email now being opened on a tablet or smartphone, nonprofits would be wise to redesign their e-newsletter as soon as possible. Long-standing e-newsletter design best practices such as a two or three-column-fixed layout, 12 point font size, and text-based links only are officially 51% less effective.

Social enterprises must not prioritise social aims over viability

It is only by emphasising the business side of social enterprise that the social mission can be achieved Guardian Professional, Too many social enterprises prioritise their social aim over becoming a viable business and achieving financial sustainability. This approach is flawed as more money equals more social impact.

Advancing Sustainable Communities

Neil | 2011 | Japan Advancing Sustainable Communities via Ancient Japanese Farming Practices began as a project to assess the success of Japanese sustainable farming in the context of rapid industrialization. The aim was to understand what factors, especially the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), had allowed these small farms to prosper, ...

Center For International Policy

Rebecca Wage | 2009 | Washington DC Rebecca Wage spent six months in Washington, DC working with Center for International Policy (CIP), a think tank that produces reports and publications relating to U.S. foreign policy. As a student of politics and international relations, Rebecca was particularly interested in the mission of Center for International Policy, ...

Building a Research Database for a Muslim Feminist Org

In the Fall of 2008, Fellow Maria Sutton traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malysia to help the Muslim Feminist Group Sisters in Islam build a research database.

Foundations should become the change they want to see in the world

It is a simple truth that we live in complex times. That means we can no longer see the numerous social, environmental and economic challenges we face in isolation to each other. Businesses now talk, for example, about the food, water and energy nexus, and there is increasing recognition that issues such as development and climate change are inextricably linked.


Give a dollar, your cause gets two. Learn how to raise twice as much money. Changecause doubles donations to non-profits by blending fundraising with cause marketing.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to SEO

Since I started working in online marketing a few years ago, my head has gotten pretty crammed with acronyms. Alphabet soup like KPI, PPC, SoLoMo, TOFU, BOFU and FOMO sound perfectly normal to me now - crazy, huh? But by far, the acronym most people ask about is SEO, or search engine optimization.

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Mon, February 17 2014 Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good Filed under: When I talk with groups of nonprofits at conferences and training events, I often hear the same common concern from fundraisers and marketers: how can we cover our expenses and expand our programs when we rely on shrinking, restrictive, or difficult to manage funding sources?

Future Fundraising Now

Here's an info-packed interview with the Superb Tom Ahern. We discuss how and why you can raise a lot of money with donor newsletters. Learn what's working and what's not, what most often goes wrong in donor newsletters, and what they heck is up with email newsletters?

Women in leadership: 'It's not going to work the way we're doing it'

Despite advocacy in international development organisations to alleviate poverty for the world's women, the sector has still not come of age with respect to women's leadership. While the staff is largely female the highest positions of many of the organisations are still held by men.

Bitcoin Charity Admits Its Biggest-Ever Donation Was Likely Stolen Money

The head of a Bitcoin charity has admitted accepting a large anonymous donation even though he strongly suspected it was stolen during a raid on a cryptocurrency exchange. Dmitry Murashchik, who goes under the name Rassah, runs Bitcoin 100, which exists to persuade existing charities to accept donations using virtual cash.

Open-source software aimed at ending NGO data overload

Open-source software being developed by a team of French NGOs could help aid organisations deal with growing information overload for non-profit sector, say its developers. The Sigmah project aims to fill a gap in the market by creating information management software custom-designed for the NGO sector.

Center for Social Innovation

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 13:58 - Kriss After almost ten years at Stanford's Center for Social Innovation, I am moving on to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Tides, a robust platform to drive social change and innovation through grantmaking, social venture management services, advisory services, shared collaborative space, and advocacy.

Ignoring Your Current Donors? 75% of Them Will Be Gone Within the First Year

Consider this: Close to 75% of your new donors won't come back after they give that first gift . I know, I know -- it's staggering and disheartening. Donor retention rates are in the pits. You spend all of that time and money telling the world about what you do to generate support for your mission and gain new donors.

Has Listening Become a Lost Art?

The week that I write this, I needed help programming a television set for recording purposes. Before being connected with the cable company service representative, I agreed to provide telephonic feedback about the service after my call. The call went miserably, in large part because I couldn't understand what the rep was saying.