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Updated by GamificationCo Summit on Aug 15, 2019
Headline for Top Gamified Vending Machines
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Top Gamified Vending Machines


Russian Olympic Committee and VISA – Olympic change

As the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi approached, the Russian Olympic Committee and VISA installed an ingenious ticket-vending machine in a subway station that gave away free metro passes for 30 squats.

Coca Cola – Unlock the 007 in you

Physical exercise is very popular with gamified vending machines. In Antwerp, Belgium, Coca Cola Zero gave away free tickets to the “Skyfall” Bond movie premiere to those who could get to platform 9 ¾ 6 in 70 seconds, and they were challenged, Bond-style.

Fantastic Delites - How far will you go?

TL;DR: They were even ready to push a button 5K times and pray to a new god.
The campaign got even funnier when Delites invited human lab mice to replicate the experiment:

Amstel – Rewards for doing nothing

This Amstel Pause vending machine in Bulgaria dispensed free beers for doing absolutely nothing for 3 minutes, to give busy urban people a break from their smartphones. There is also an app for that.

Coca Cola – Dance for a Coke

Coke is represented in this list twice, first with this Seoul vending machine that challenged passers by to do a pop dance.

Beijing Subway - Reverse vending machine

Beijing subway installs recycling machines to pay traveler credit for plastic bottles.

Nescafé - Are you a Smoov operator?

Nescafé put Malaysians to the test with its creative vending machine to test their moves. People in the street were invited to pose, sing and dance in from of the machine to be rewarded with a free bottle of Nescafé Smoovlatté.