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Link Roundup 2/16

Achieve | A Creative Agency for Causes " How to Make Your Email Campaigns Stand Out with Millennials

We are constantly asked by causes about the status of email in this fast-paced, ever-changing world of communications. We've spoken with a lot of cause leaders about the continuous decline in success with their email newsletters and campaigns and many assume it's because email is no longer an effective way to communicate and engage constituents.

Why Your Nonprofit Should Inspire Youthful Philanthropy

We talk a lot about how your organization can engage Millennials (the 20-35 crowd), but we can't forget about the even younger generations that are more than willing to do their part as well.

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Text Messaging for Community Organizing - Social Source Commons

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7 Times You'll Kick Yourself for Not Learning HTML

I don't know about you, but when I travel, I'm terrified of leaving something at home. I obsess over making sure I have enough T-shirts, jeans, shoes, travel-sized shampoos, earrings, books, magazines -- because what in the world would I do if I didn't have them, but needed them?

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Mon, January 06 2014 Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good Filed under: Marketing essentials * Social Media * A story's emotional power is a fundraiser's best tool to gain the attention of donors and inspire action. One fundraising campaign that is hitting it out of the park with its emotional "wow" factor is Ronald McDonald House Charities' Season of Giving.

Become More Positive With These 5 Tips

History has shown that those with an optimistic outlook on life are the ones who usually find the most success. For me, changing my negative mental attitude to a positive one resulted in a completely different lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

For Social Entrepreneurs, What Comes First: Business or Mission?

Image credit: Starting a business is hard. Starting a business that attempts to solve large-scale social problems is even harder. But that hasn't stopped the most idealistic and ambitious entrepreneurs from trying.

Twitter / FirelightFnd: This is how communities protect ...

This is how communities protect children.

Tracking Social Media Fundraising Revenue: Understanding the Challenges

Brock Warner If you've been to a conference session about fundraising using social media, you know there is always someone that eventually says " yeah this is nice and all, but how much money did it raise? " Stop asking that question. What you need to start asking is " how did you track your fundraising results?

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Tue, January 14 2014 Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good Filed under: Fun stuff * Social Media * Is one of your 2014 goals to get your social strategy in order? Here are 10 fun stats on social media that can help you decide how to spend your time.

4 A's of Nonprofit Data Management

Data management can be a challenging task. As this survey conducted by NTEN shows (albeit a small sample), many nonprofit organizations struggle to collect data and many organizations also struggle to find meaning in the data they collect. Data management requires discipline, focus, and organization.

Instead App

A micro-donation app for non-profits that encourages people to live within or below their means in order to give. It

Somak Ghosh: A Contrarian Approach to Impact Investing | Dowser

Somak Ghosh was a founding member of YES Bank which, less than nine years after starting its operation, is now the fourth largest private sector bank in India. Last year he stepped down from his role at Motilal Private Equity to launch a new venture capital fund, Contrarian Capital , targeting underpenetrated markets in India.

3 Characteristics of Transformative Technology in Underserved Communities

ZeroDivide's McCrae Parker outlines the identifying characteristics of transformative technology in the communities where we work.

Digital Voices and Computer Literacy

Adam Melendrez | Summer 2006 | Lejamani, Honduras In the summer of 2006, Adam Melendrez joined the ranks of several former GIIP students and served an internship in Lejamani, Honduras with of one GIIP's sustaining partners, the Riecken Foundation. The Riecken Foundation is an NGO working in Honduras and Guatemala to "promote the discovery of ideas and ...

Thirsty Trees Video Project

Katie Roper | Summer 2006 | Kenya In July 2006 Katie Roper traveled to Kenya, Africa to produce a video to be aired at a major event as publicity for International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF). "Thirsty Trees: And the Search for Better Alternatives" is an investigation into the different problems certain trees-especially eucalyptus- are creating ...