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Link Roundup 2/15

Social entrepreneurship and the MBA

©Rosie Hallam Barely a decade ago, if prospective MBA students had typed " social entrepreneurship " into a search engine, it would have generated a few thousand results. Today, that figure is nearer 100m.

Mobile Phones Tackling Poverty

They fundamentally transform the way people in the developing world interact with one another and their governments, and access basic health, education, business and financial services.

Five Myths that Perpetuate Poor Philanthropic Strategy

The Value of Strategic Planning & Evaluation In this ongoing series of essays, practitioners, consultants, and academics explore the value of strategy and evaluation, as well as the limits and downsides of these practices. "Stop, Daddy!"

Project targets common humanitarian data collection

Creating a common standard for humanitarian data collection and a shared database or catalogue will be the dual focus of a UN-led project, the Humanitarian eXchange Language (HXL) initiative, whose working group met for the first time last week (20 January).

Event: What's the Role of Human Rights and Social Innovation in Latin America's Future?

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 02/12/14 Editor's Note: This post was written by David Nahmias with the Global Venture and Fellowship team. Despite meteoric economic growth in the past several decades, Latin America still faces severe challenges of violence, organized crime and human rights violations.

The Youth Empowerment Institute

Thomas Gelder | Summer 2013 | Santa Cruz, CA YEI centered around 3 things: College access Exciting technology Giving youth the reins to both College Access You can view our general lessons and materials at the project website,, but basically what we taught were College Basics, Application Process, Financial Aid, Personal Statements, and Picking a ...

Islamic Family Law and Women's Rights Under Shariah

Hasnain Nazar | Summer-Fall 2011 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fellow Hasnain Nazar traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a sixth-month internship with Sisters in Islam (SIS), an NGO committed to promoting the rights of Muslim women in Malaysia. SIS's international department, Musawah, works to help improve Islamic Family Laws in nations with primarily Muslim populations.

Training ICT Advocates in Kano, Nigeria

Scott Reed | Summer 2008 | Kano, Nigeria This Summer, I was an intern in Kano, Nigeria. I worked primarily with the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) which is deeply involved in advocacy, training, and research related to the use of ICT for sustainable development in Northern Nigeria.

Social entrepreneurship and the MBA

©Rosie Hallam Barely a decade ago, if prospective MBA students had typed " social entrepreneurship " into a search engine, it would have generated a few thousand results. Today, that figure is nearer 100m.

Are you in danger of becoming a robot fundraiser?

What's the factor that will have more impact on the success of your fundraising campaigns than anything else? You'd be forgiven for thinking its your charity's brand, because you'll so often hear people citing an unappealing or confusing brand or lack of brand awareness as reasons their charity struggles to raise ...

10 Tips for an Effective Nonprofit Content Strategy | NTEN

One of the biggest concerns voiced by potential clients is how to create effective nonprofit content strategies for their social networks. Their struggle either comes from not having enough time to devote to social media or not having enough content to post.

Three Free Tools to Boost Your Nonprofit Public Relations

Unless you have a publicist, public relations strategies at small to medium nonprofits are often on the back burner. There are press releases that wind up sitting on your website and not getting much distribution. Press pages with long listings of news article from 2010.

Lend a Hand for Rafiki

Help Rafiki sell 400 solar powered lighting and cellphone charging to off-grid homes Impact For this second project in the SunFunder-Global Cycle Solutions partnership, a $10,000 loan will help Global Cycle Solutions sell 400 Sun King solar products through their Rafiki network in the Arusha and Morogoro regions of Tanzania.

Opinion: Nonprofits Are Part of Economic Vitality, Too

Blog Post > Opinion: Nonprofits Are Part of Economic Vitality, Too Susan N. Dreyfus - February 5, 2014Author Biography Susan N. Dreyfus is president and chief executive officer of the Alliance for Children and Families in Milwaukee, Wisc.

5 Major Benefits of a Branded Nonprofit LinkedIn Group

As LinkedIn continues to surpass Twitter in number of users - 259 million compared to Twitter's 218 million - more organizations are investing time and energy into the platform. While your nonprofit should definitely have a LinkedIn company page, here are five reasons to create a branded nonprofit LinkedIn group.

Attracting Millennial Donations

It's pretty common knowledge nowadays that Millennials are swimming in debt. In fact, last year, the Federal government reported that student loan debt had surpassed credit card and auto loan debt in the United States. And a third of that student loan debt is held by people under 30.

Global development tweeters to watch in 2014

Are you bored with your Twitter timeline? Fed up with reading tweets about selfies? If you're looking for something different, check out our tips on the development tweeters to watch in 2014. Tom Murphy runs the View From the Cave blog and reports for humanosphere.