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Updated by Jennifer Sandavol on Nov 26, 2017
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Mr. Obama, What's The Difference Between Incompetence & Lying?

Is Obama Administration Incompetent Or A Bunch Of Liars? In the end does it matter whether the Obama administration is incompetent or just flat out liars? It is what it is, right? We were lied to, we trusted without verifying. Mr. Obama, Kathleen Sebelius, Jay Carney and all of the other talking heads from the administration have lied...

Have You Missed The Obama Recovery?

Here's The Obama Recovery Most people do not have to be told by their government that we're in the midst of an economic recovery because they usually feel it. During an economic recovery most people find that they have more disposable income, prices drop and maybe an opportunity for a new job or promotion opens up.

Crisis Management In America

Unavoidable Crisis Management In America America is in crisis; we are imploding. Do Americans get that? How can American voters not feel the impact of this crisis, it's all around them. The new Obamacare laws plus out of control federal spending and mysterious immigration policies results in no job opportunities.

America Fighting Evil From Within

How Long Can America Exist With Internal Evil President George W Bush identified Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the three most evil countries that America continues to deal with. Identifying the evil is the first step towards taming the evil. Sometimes outside are easier to deal with than those evils we face from within.

The Dems Own Obamacare

Never Forget, The Dems Own Obamacare United We Stand, Divided We Fall When a nation suffers a significant loss or tragedy, the people usually unite and never forget. After Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan on December 7, 1941 and after receiving four terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 our nation did unite as a support group, that's what Americans do.

Why Is Obama Fraud Okay?

Why Does Obama Fraud Get A Pass? It's Too Late Now But When Will Americans Understand The Impact Of Obama Fraud? Mr. Obama has committed the biggest fraud against this country and Americans do nothing about it. Why aren't Americans more furious about the Obama fraud in regards to Obamacare?

Obamacare Double Speak Is Obvious

Isn't Obamacare Double Speak Obvious? Obamacare Double Speak Always Foggy For Some Conservative Americans have always known the truth about Obamacare. They always understood that it's just a spin-job by Mr. Obama and the democrats in Congress. Unfortunately, liberal voters and the "low-info" crowd were convinced by the left-winged media, Mr. Obama and Congress that Obamacare was...

Relax, Our Government Has All Your Solutions

This Is Big Government...Scary Stuff Love isn't the answer anymore, now it's government. Your government has all of the answers. They deserve all the credit for your success. You belong to them. You cannot do anything without the government's approval. Does that sound like the United States of America to you?

Obama Proud Of Class Warfare

Obama Proud Of Class Warfare Class Warfare Has Obama All Over It One of Mr. Obama's proudest accomplishments is the class warfare in America that he alone has ignited. He knows that a country divided cannot stand; and he wants America divided. When we are divided we fall, we become weak.

Obama Has Beat On Jobs

Obama's Understanding Of Jobs Obama Cares About Jobs, Right?! Americans are very, very naive if they think that Mr. Obama cares about their jobs. He could care less. The real Mr. Obama is now standing up; he cares only about himself and his reelection.