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Before Giving Up on a Hitter, Try Switching Sides

Switching Sides Hitting Trick One of the better hitters I am currently working with was a terrible hitter last year. She knows it, so I am not hurting her feelings. No I am not a miracle worker, as to why she is an accomplished hitter this season, although I made one suggestion, and it worked.

Laws of Learning with Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden and the Laws of Learning Even though they were called "The Laws of Learning" in his book, Wooden, they refer to the absolutely- necessary teaching methods for sport coaching and player development.

5 Biggest Youth Coaching Assumptions to Avoid

Youth Coaching Assumptions that Lead to Trouble I could have easily titled this article 20 assumptions, or more, that youth coaches should not make, because many things that coaches assume will go one way, often do not. Experienced coaches learn to assume little in the ever-changing landscape of youth sports.strong text

Two Youth Coaching Rules to Help Save Youth Sport

Necessary and Needed Youth Coaching Rules I am not completely serious about saving youth sport, but, what if two youth coaching rules prevented many unfortunate situations. Often a day does not go by, when I do not read, or hear, of some obnoxious parent(s) on the sidelines.

Hands on Baseball Skill Development

Baseball coaches, who recognize and devote themselves to the smallest details, are the best coaches. As with all baseball skill development, when coaches allow even slightly wrong actions, correcting the bad habits later becomes much more difficult. Often, coaching attention goes to the big, powerful body muscles, but attention to the small muscles, as the hands and fingers are significant, too.

How to Coach Bat Loading - Video

Nothing is more important for successful hitting than bat loading to the correct hitting position. Bat loading is one of the more difficult aspects of teaching hitting. This simple drill is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Homemade, Inexpensive Baseball Training Equipment

Simple to make baseball training equipment can make a big difference with player development. Coaches and parents often implore kids to practice more. What adults do not realize is that often kids do not know what to practice. This situation can be solved by using baseball training equipment that automatically gives them ways of practicing.

Best Baseball Coaching Method - Stop, Look, & Check Batting Practices

Best Baseball Coaching Method Available to Coaches A good way to coach youth baseball players is with this stop, look, and check baseball coaching method. This may seem to be a time consuming and tedious process, and it is, initially, but the benefits far outweigh the extra time, and kids learn much faster with this baseball coaching method.

Sports in Jamaica

Sports in Jamaica have always been a way of life for Jamaicans. While sports is a pass time for many, it's an opportunity for our young athletes to capitalize on getting a good education and command an earning power like no other career can offer in a short period of time.

Youth Sports Coaches must Recognize Early Signs of Hazing

Dangers of Hazing Wow, I knew hazing occurred at the lower levels of sport, but when I read about it happening at the professional level with the Miami Dolphins, I was surprised, expecting, well, professionalism, I suppose. At the youth sport level, bully-behavior often begins as fun, disguised as just "kid being kids."