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Link Roundup 2/13

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Next Fundraising Event

Fundraising events are a mainstay in your world, but let's be honest-they can take a lot of time, money and effort to pull off. If you calculated your ROI on your latest fundraising event, how would you fare? On second thought, don't answer that.

25 Social Media Tips from the World's 5 Biggest Power Users (What Do They Know that You Don't?)

We've been on an incredible journey, delving into the minds of the world's most influential social media power users. We wanted to share what we found - so here are the top 25 tips we discovered. Take notes - this is some of the most useful and powerful information out there.

Social Media Birdbrain

Art and museum curators are professionals at putting together exhibits. Basically, what a curator does is to show you the art the way she sees it: underlying themes, ideas, context, relationships. In social media, content curation is slightly different: "Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.


GEM mosquito control. This method of mosquito control involves the use of water containers inside/outside households as well as other buildings, regularly replaced to kill mosquito larvae. It is well known that mosquitoes lay eggs in water where ever it be.

Voices of Ghana

Lucas Healy | 2011 | Kasoa, Ghana GIIP Fellow Lucas Healy traveled to Ghana in order to work with The Voice of Ghana, a research and implementation project that focuses on mobile technologies for social advocacy. Lucas also partnered with The Cheerful Hearts Foundation, a community based nonprofit in Kasoa that utilizes their social network ...

How Often Should We Send Email and Direct Mail?

It just may be the most frequent "Are we normal??" question we get. How often should we send email? Or direct mail? Your answer depends on your organization, but based on our 2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we can tell you what most other organizations are doing.

Quantitative Social Metrics for Impact Investing

I have this nagging feeling of an elephant in the room - in the room of impact investing, I mean. On the one hand, we've made tons of progress. I don't just mean progress in terms of more funds being raised and more mainstream attention - though those are both good things.

Women and Mobile Financial Services

The GSMA has just published a report titled, " Unlocking the Potential: Women and Mobile Financial Services in Emerging Markets," which provides a very detailed look into how women are using Mobile Financial Services (MFS) and the challenges and learnings from their study.

Effective Modern Technology is Always a Work in Progress | NTEN

In January 2013, the Communities of Impact kicked off with a retreat at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA. While there, we held a Failfaire-style conversation about times when our best-laid plans went awry. For one participant, this was a chance to reflect on how a massive project taught him that "there really is no such thing as an end result."

Third Fully Repaid Project

By Cindy Nawilis, community & operations lead Woohoo! We just recently received the fourth and final repayment for SunnyMoney's Solar for 1,200 families in Copperbelt project. That means the 128 people who funded this project have gotten their loans fully repaid in exactly one year.

Top tips for building policy for innovation

CAPE VERDE] The first day of the inaugural Africa Innovation Summit featured a plenary session on Best Practices in Innovation policymaking. It was a sensible place to start. But some of us have been talking about innovation in Africa for a long time.

Private Sector, Public Good

Should business play a role in supporting public institutions, and perhaps addressing the world's social challenges? When Harvard Professor Rebecca Henderson asked her colleagues and business executives that question over the last few years, the reaction was often rather skeptical. Many believe this is not what business does or should do, Henderson said.

Finding Donors Expensive But Defensible

Michael Vcelik - February 12, 2014Budgets are under constant pressure everywhere. This is especially true in the nonprofit sector where revenue sources from grants, donors, investment income, and federal, state and local agencies can vary greatly from year-to-year.

25 awesome fundraising quotes

Often we hear great quotes capturing the essence of the message. They are inspiring! They remind us of the important reasons why we work for charity and how we should do it, or how best practice would describe it... In December I attended The Annual Lectures, where an awesome line-up of speakers ...

Facebook for Nonprofits: 5 Basic Ways To Improve Your Reach

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it has changed it's algorithm. As if Facebook for nonprofits wasn't challenging enough. Understanding the new changes is essential for successful nonprofit Faccebook social media strategy. Facebook's announcement highlights how its new changes - especially to the Facebook mobile app - give Facebook a more Twitter-like feel, and give preference to quality links and content.

Facebook Fraud

Evidence Facebook's revenue is based on fake likes. My first vid on the problem with Facebook: I know first-hand that Facebook's advertising model is deeply flawed. When I paid to promote my page I gained 80,000 followers in developing countries who didn't care about Veritasium (but I wasn't aware of this at the time).