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Updated by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus on Oct 28, 2014
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Language resources for conf calls - The Conf Call Confidence Pack

These resources give you additional practice activities for language often used in conf calls.

1. Vocab: Conference Calling in English

The last part of this article includes some vocabulary often used in conf calls.

2. Telephoning: Conference calls

This podcast gives you the opportunity to practice some useful phrases for a conf call.

Because you're learning business English, I imagine that you probably work for an international company. And if you do, the chances are good that you at least occasionally take part in conference calls in English. I do, and I know how hard it can be.

3. Skills: Listening

This podcast provides tips to help you improve your listening skills, which can help you better understand in conf calls.

Erica Gingerich: I had an uncomfortable meeting with my team leader today. She said that she was "disappointed" in the team's performance. She said the results of the performance review were "unexpected", and that management was putting "pressure" on her to do something about it. Perhaps I should have asked her to explain more.

4. Problems on the phone? | Business Spotlight Online

You're making an important telephone call, but you're starting to run into language problems. Don't panic - we'll tell you what to say when things start to go wrong.

Survey: Conference calls with native speakers of English | Business Spotlight Online

This survey, by York Associates and the Zurich Academy of Europe presents some common problems when participating in conf calls with native speakers.

5. British Council Learn English podcasts - conf calls

This site provides a podcast with listening comprehension activities and some vocabulary activities. Highly recommended.

Listen to part of a conference call organised by a company called Softcell Incorporated. Marie Tascon, Softcell's Senior Director of Investor Relations, is leading the call during which people from other companies ask the Softcell employees questions. See or print the audioscript and do a language activity on paper (pdf file - 21Kb) Try the following online language activities on the audio.

Teleconference Call Facilitation Tips

Home | Online Community Toolkit | Online Community Resources ] Telephone Conference Call Tips By Nancy White, last updated 8/04 Planning Agenda Have an agenda that includes goals, participant expectations and timing if appropriate. An hour on a teleconference generally cannot accomplish quite as much as an hour F2F. Plan accordingly.