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Updated by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus on Mar 27, 2015
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Tips for effective conf calls - The Conf Call Confidence Pack

These resources present advice and tips for having easier, more effective conf calls.

IATEFL Liverpool: Barry Tomalin's "Make Meetings Work" | iLoveTEFL by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus on

If you work with executive managers who do a lot of meetings through conference calls, this was the talk to attend; not only was it lively, it was spot on in terms of how to help our business learners participate in meetings more effectively.Barry invited us to brainstorm some problems our business learners have in...

How to Lead a Conference Call with Non Native Speakers

Conference calls may be one of the most excruciating experiences for non-native English speakers. A number of factors can make a conference call difficult, sound quality, subject matter, number of participants, and a lack effective leadership during the call.

Conference Calling in English

Skype. MegaMeeting. Face Time. SightSpeed. Tinychat. ooVoo. Pidgin. Google Talk. Nefsis. WebEx. If you're in business it's highly likely that you'll be using one or some of these tools. Skype alone is used by 35% of small business as their primary communication service.

Leading Productive Conference Call Meetings

Leading Productive Conference Calls Updated: October 27, 2013 As a business professional, you will probably be called upon to plan and conduct meetings via conference call. While these conference calls will never fully replace the need for the face-to-face meeting, they are a necessary tool for communication and decision making in a faced paced project environment.

Why your conference calls suck! - Lisa B Marshall

Let's face it. Most conference calls suck. Participants mute their phone and start responding to email or start working on other projects. That's why I recommend that you implement (Lisa) Marshall Law for better conference calls: add more structure and use engagement/facilitation techniques.

10 Rules for Effective Conference Calls

In today's age of reduced travel, conference calls have become a daily ritual.Nobody likes conference calls. They are usually boring, energy-zapping time sucks. But they are a necessary part of business. So, here are 10 suggestions for making them more effective and efficient. When many people participate in a call, it is easy for minds to "wander."

Tips on running effective conference calls

Is your organisation suffering from conference call fatigue and frustration? More and more organisations are trying to cut travel expenses and save time by conducting more meetings and business with conference calls - only to find that their conference calls are chaotic and counter- productive.

If you've been following my "Career Boot Camp" blog series this month, you'll know that last week I covered how to lead effective in-person meetings. Let's build on that knowledge by focusing on leading conference calls. When the recession hit, many companies cut costs by greatly reducing the number of in-person meetings.

3 Ways to Make Conference Calls Less Annoying

When was the last time you looked forward to a conference call? You sit there, on mute, getting your own work done, hoping that your name is not called, angry about how the entire meeting is distracting you from your daily deadlines. The audio is patchy, the voices distant and unclear.