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Use to Your Advantage

Creating lists is simple. Go to the site and click create a ‘new list’, then put in a name and description. Then start adding your content. It's that simple. Be sure to use the advanced options to enter tags, a header image and links back to your website. If you want to embed this list on your site - I say yes, but please add the link below in the comments so that I can view it.

12 Most Powerful Ways to Use for Getting Customer Feedback

Doug Rice lists the 12 Most Powerful Ways to Use for Getting Customer Feedback.

Add a headline image

The headline images are 1200 x 350.


Ask for One Thing.

Ask for One Thing.

Keep people focused. Ask for people to contribute ideas or voting - don’t ask for both. People will do nothing.

If you want people to embed your list - ask.


Communicate Your Expectations

Communicate Your Expectations

Use the list description.

Be brief but precise.

Be inspirational


Connect your G+ Account to Listly & Add Listly as a Contributor

Connect your G+ Account to Listly & Add Listly as a Contributor

We do the hard work for you when it comes to authorship.

You simply need to connect your G+ account to Listly and you need to tell G+ that Listly is a site you contribute to.

Do these two things and your avatar will be seen in Google search results. Items with avatars get chosen more on Google.


Create Meaningful Multi-Word Titles

Create Meaningful Multi-Word Titles

Lists & Items have titles

Carefully pick the first 3-4 words of your title (most important word’s first).

Listly automatically tags the list title as an H1 tag and the item titles as H2 tags.

Make it Human Readable. Find a way to express yourself in spoken work that also places keywords early in your title.


Embed Your Lists on Your Blog

Embed Your Lists on Your Blog

Put one list per page or blog post. You can include more than one, but I don’t recommend adding 10 lists to one page. Give each list a chance with it’s own title, intro and summary.

How To Use As A Marketing tool is a list building website that allows you to build and curate shareable lists. These are then viewable by others. People can 'like', 'dislike', comment or even add items to the list. This results in a list that re-organises items based on their popularity.

How to use to blow up your blog traffic

The first major struggle for business owners who want to use a blog for content marketing is creating content. With the dearth of content being created daily, it's certainly a challenge to come up with anything helpful and interesting to say.


Link your list back to your blog post

Link your list back to your blog post

There is a source field. Use it. It will also link your headline image back to your post.

If other people embed your list then you will get a backlink from their blog

List Building Made Easy

List Building Made Easy. Listly is lists made social and fun! If you like lists, you'll love Listly. See the Trending Lists on our blog. As a Content Marketing Tool co-founder Nick Kellet maintains that list making is universal. After all, Moses came down from the mountain with a list of fundamental laws, Don Giovanni kept a list of his amorous conquests, and a list of last-minute shopping items are often thrust into my hand on Saturday mornings.


Pick great images.

Pick great images.

Visual Impact Matters

We allow you to upload custom images.

It’s worth the time to choose of create great images.




Start with 3-4 items. Avoid the temptation to add more.

Do not start with an empty list

Be willing to share your list on all platforms.