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Best Rated Crock Pot Liner Bags - Safe Slow Cooker Liners

I L-O-V-E my crockpot, but I hate cleaning it... that's why I am in love with these slow cooker liners/bags. Yes, they're safe and YES, they work great! Here's my review



Best Slow Cooker Liners

Best Slow Cooker Liners

I haven't had to scrub a crock pot since I started using these!

The only thing needed to do is wipe down with a damp clean sponge and towel dry.

Just be careful not to prick the liner with a sharp object like a serving fork. If you are going to lift a roast out, take it out in the bag first to avoid leakage.

And if you have left overs, all you need to do is simply lift out the left-over food (still in the bag) from the crock and slip it bag and all into a storage container or wrap a twist tie around the top.

When you want to reheat simply plop it back into the crock-pot and use low setting to reheat!

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Are Crockpot Liners Safe?

Are Crockpot Liners Safe?

At the current time there are no health risk warnings associated with the use of Crock-Pot liners.


Are the Slow Cooker Liners BPA-Free?

Are the Slow Cooker Liners BPA-Free?

Yes, these crock pot liners are BPA-free, FDA approved and kosher!


Where to get CHEAP Crock Pot Liners

Where to get CHEAP Crock Pot Liners

You could spend a lot of time poking all around online looking for slow cooker liner coupons, but you can get a great price on my favorite liners right here.


Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners Review

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners Review

Wish these had been invented years ago!

They absolutely make cleanup easier and help keep things from burning to the sides of the crock.

My pot has a removable stoneware crock. It wasn't hard to clean before, but now cleanup is

I have had a couple of bags that leaked a small amount, but overall they perform very well.

Since first trying them, we have increased the use of our crock pot. It's so nice to come home to a meal that's cooked and waiting.

I even use my crockpot to cook potatoes for mashing when it isn't being used for something else.

Two of my favorite things to make are a whole chicken and a pork roast with potatoes.

  • For the chicken I use only about 1/2 - 1 cup of chicken broth for moisture.

  • For the pork & potatoes I fill the pot so water covers everything.

  • Cook on low for 8 - 10 hours.

Chicken is moist and falls off bone. Pork is flavorful and moist, too. I also do chuck roasts with potatoes and carrots.

*For all of them, these crockpot liner bags work extremely well. *

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