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Headline for Google AdHeat: The Social Debate
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Google AdHeat: The Social Debate

Patent US8600812 - Adheat advertisement model for social network

In one implementation, a computer-implemented method includes receiving at a server information indicating activity levels of users of a computer-implemented social network or acquaintance relationships of the users on the computer-implemented social network. The method further includes generating by the server influence scores for the users based on the received information.

Influencer Marketing: How Google Will Change The Game

I hear a lot of buzz about influencer marketing - how it has evolved, how it comes in different flavors and how brands are using it - but I never hear anyone talk about Google's plans to change it... dramatically! An Emerging Channel When brands first began to capitalize on the power of influencer marketing, [...]

Influencer Marketing: Google Changes The Game by @DanCristo

I hear a lot of buzz about influencer marketing - how it has evolved, how it comes in different flavors and how brands are using it - but I never hear anyone talk about Google's plans to change it... dramatically!

Google Adheat Patent: Where is the social debate?

Why is nobody talking about Google's Adheat patent which is a massive signal to decoding Google's future strategy and thinking on G+ 6 KEY Questions ABOUT Google's ADHEAT Patent Does Adheat Complete the G+ Puzzle for Google? Has Google Gagged Key Social / Search / SEO Influencers & Media?

AdHeat: An Influence-based Diffusion Model for Propagating Hints to Match Ads

heading textAdHeat: An Influence-based Diffusion Model for

Propagating Hints to Match Ads.

AdHeat Whitepaper by Google

How Do You Win at Social?

Back in 1997 I was a webmaster for a site that incorporated businesses in Delaware. In those days, promoting a site meant finding ways to deliver traffic to its pages, and building relationships with other site owners and businesses.

What's Your Google Viral Score?

By , on Jan 17, 2013, at 2:02 am Will Google Plus show advertisements one day? If they do, how will they decide upon the ads to show different users of the social network?

Patent US20100145777 - Advertising based on influence

Advertising based on influence is provided. In some embodiments, advertising based on influence includes determining an influence score (e.g., based on a given dimension) for a subject (e.g., a user), in which the subject is a potential target for an advertisement; and determining targeting of the advertisement based on criteria including the influence score of potential recipients of the advertisement.

Patent US20090319359 - Social behavioral targeting based on influence in a social network

Behavioral targeting to push promotional offers to members of a social network is provided. The selection and redemption of promotional offers can increase by providing members of a social network with relevant and high value offers. In addition, marketing campaigns can increase their effectiveness with knowledge and identification of members having a high degree of influence on other members.

Patent US20090177527 - Rewarding influencers

The present disclosure relates generally to rewarding influencers in a Web 2.0 environment. More specifically, in some implementations, an influence of an electronically-accessed content on an involvement between an accessor and a third party is assessed. In further implementations, a provider of the electronically accessed content is rewarded based on the assessed influence.

Patent US20090164624 - Method and Apparatus for Acquiring Content-Based Capital Via A Sharing Technology

A server [115] or client-based content storage unit includes a communication device [300] to receive data corresponding to a transfer of at least one of media content and a link to the media content, from a first user [120] to a second user [125].

Patent US20090018918 - Influence-based Social Network Advertising

A system and method of advertising in computer-implemented social networks is disclosed. The influence level of members of the social network and explicit and inferred relationships among members are determined. Advertisements are delivered in association with content objects representing one or more members of the social network, where the content objects may include member profiles, as well as other content that is associated with the member.

Patent US20130018893 - Method and system for determining a user's brand influence

A method for identifying an influencer of a brand is disclosed. The method embodiment includes scanning social media objects published by at least one social networking entity to identify a first social media object posted by a first user and relating to a brand associated with a product, an enterprise, a service, a person, a concept, and/or a trackable object.

Patent US8543533 - Inferring influence and authority

A computer model finds an originating community member or members, for instance amongst bloggers, scientific researchers, or phenomena in phenomenological systems. In one embodiment, non-explicit causal relationships may be inferred from comparing blogs as a whole. Influence relationships are derived from a weighted, directed graph output and sources of influence are ranked.

Ad-Heat Advertising Patent Watch

Learn more about Google's Ad-Heat Advertising Patent and its potential affects on search marketing in the future. Catalyst's patent watch is a quarterly web...

Google Ad Heat Advertising: Catalyst Patent Watch

Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation, discusses Google's Ad-Heat Advertising Patent and how it can affect search marketing in the future.


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