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Link Roundup 2/10

The new social entrepreneurs: young, tech-savvy - and improving the world

Solving social problems rather than getting rich is the priority for tomorrow's ambitious entrepreneurs Guardian Professional, Technology has levelled the playing field, opening up remarkable opportunities for young people. According to a Populus survey, more than a quarter of 16- to 25-year-olds want to set up their own business, and 14% are in the process of doing so, compared with 8% only a year ago.

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Thu, January 30 2014 Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good Filed under: Fundraising essentials * Marketing essentials * The good news is that giving continues to grow. The bad news is that donor retention rates aren't what they should be. Think about the donors who came into your organization's ecosystem during the past year.

Practical Visionary: Dorothy Everett video

The woman behind the newly endowed Dorothy E. Everett Chair for Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship and manger of the Everett Program, previously GIIP, at University of California at Santa Cruz. Directed, Produced, Edited by Sienna Thorgusen and Katie Roper / Twitter

Twitter uses the domain as part of a service to protect users from harmful activity, to provide value for the developer ecosystem, and as a quality signal for surfacing relevant, interesting Tweets.

How the Latino Community Foundation Used Learning and Pivoting to Get Better Fundraising Results

What if your organization embarked on its first ever crowd funding campaign with a goal of raising $50,000 and only raised $10,000? Would you stop doing crowd funding, social media infused fundraising and revert back to traditional methods of fundraising? Or would you learn, pivot, and improve?

Georgetown's social innovation centre is ready to launch

Pam Omidyar from Omidyar Network and Jean Case from the Case Foundation will be at Georgetown University tomorrow to help launch the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation. They will join Georgetown alumna Olga Maria and her husband Alberto Beeck, who are parents of two current undergraduate students and have made the centre possible with a $10 million gift to the university.

Everett Projects

Everett Projects

A Piece of Cake

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How-to guide: funding your social enterprise with and without money

Money makes the world go round, right? Wrong. It is a common mistake to believe that you need funding in place before you start your social enterprise. By being savvy, communicating with customers and scaling on a budget you may not need initial investment to fund your social enterprise.

Cracking the Code on Social Impact

An emerging measurement approach emphasizes the value in standardizing outcomes for the whole social sector. Over the past few decades, practitioners, evaluators, and academics have struggled to organize, measure, and understand social change. We have made a number of important advances, including more rigorous control studies, digitization of 990 data, outcomes tracking software, and improved reporting.

Social Media Birdbrain

This week's examples of good nonprofit infographics was put togther by Madeleine Hammond. Madeleine is a marketing executive at Skeleton Productions - one of the UK's leading video production companies. Robyn here. So what makes a good infographic?

Ending Poverty by 2035

February 08, 2014 Comment boards lit up around the globe when Bill Gates declared that "by 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world." Not surprisingly, many scoffed at the idea, often citing examples from various countries.

Call for Submissions: Sustainable Solutions and Projects

Do you have a sustainable solution for one of the environmental or social issues that the world is facing? Are you involved in a sustainability project that deserves to be seen and supported?

Energizing Kayunga with Solar

By Cindy Nawilis, community & operations lead Today we have a new project up on our website: Energizing Kayunga With Solar. It's a continuation of our previous project with SolarNow, and together we aim to deploy another 40 solar home systems to families and small businesses in Kayunga district of Uganda because demand for solar there solar is so high.

Sharing Economy Gets a Collaborative Consumption App

For many people, the sharing economy is a rather nebulous term, and while we may agree with it in principle, how exactly does one go about getting started in engaging with others to build a network for collaborative consumption?

Infographic: Timing is Everything in Social Media Marketing | Mobile Marketing Watch

Simply using social media to market your business or commercial enterprise isn't enough. Using social media at the right time and with appropriate frequency can make or break your marketing efforts in the social world. Indeed, there's more to successful social media marketing than just letting a few random links and mutterings fly across the digital social landscape.

The Global Information Internship Program

The Global Information Internship Program (GIIP, pronounced "jeep") is a fabulous program at UCSC, which allows undergraduates to fund and work on projects they are passionate about in the areas of global social justice and sustainability. This video helps to explain more about GIIP, so students can find out how to get more involved.

A solar-powered future for India's Ladakh region

Ladakh, a cold, desert region high in the western Himalayas, is abandoning fossil fuels and embracing clean energy. For years, residents have relied on fossil fuels imported from nearby valleys. But transporting kerosene and diesel, as well as firewood, proved to be expensive and trucks added further to the air pollution in the region.

Business Law Prof Blog

Friday, January 31, 2014 During my brief academic career, I have focused the majority of my research on social enterprise law.While I have expressed my disagreement with various parts of the current social enterprise statutes, I have tried to make constructive suggestions for improvement, and am largely in favor of businesses that have a society-focused mission.

Trailblazer Dorothy Everett makes history once again

Dorothy Everett, the longtime UC administrator who blazed a trail at the university with her career at the Office of the President, is about to make history again. Everett, whose rise to assistant president in 1975 made her one of UC's highest-ranking women administrators, recently was honored by the creation of an endowed chair in her name.