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Productivity Apps & Hacks - Habit or Goal Tracking & Don't Break the Chain

Habit or Goal setting or streak apps using Jerry Seinfeld's 'Don't Break the Chain' process for crossing off each day of successfully enforcing a new habit or routine.

There's an app (or two) for that, and habit tracking in total.

Hours Tracking Software | Employee Hours Tracking | Track Project Hours | Replicon

Hours Tracking Software helps keep track of employees and volunteer work time, hours spent on various projects. This hours tracker help gain rise in work productivity.

Don't Break The Chain!

Simple app that puts x's onto a calendar.

iOS iPhone - free.

Wonderful Day

Allows you to set multiple tasks, routines of habits to check off. The calendar for each shows dots for days you do the task.





Commit asks you to fill in the blank in "I will ....... Today" then asks you if you did that one habit, providing a dash through the calendar if you did not.



Obviously for writers, set your daily word goals, and record success (and how you felt about the writing session too). If you don't write, you break the writing chain. Simple but flexible, and free.


Routinely - Android Apps on Google Play

Create several goals, and check off as done. A calendar with check marks is shown.

Android, app and home screen widget.

MyChain - Android Apps on Google Play

Don't break the chain! MyChain helps you reach your goals day by day. This technique worked out fine for Jerry Seinfeld and it will for you too.

Multiple habits, a calendar view, variable frequencies.

Android app with home screen widgets.

Way of Life - The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker

Set multiple habits to form, plus you can set days where you don't want to do the task. Statistical bar line graphs keep data.


Website at

This webapp offers lots of chain statistics for each of your habit chains, plus groups of community members with similar chains. There is an iOS app which allows you to take your chains offline also.

Webapp and iOS

Joe's Goals

Free webapp for online habit tracking.


List your goals on 43 Things

Create and share an online goal list and learn how to get each item accomplished. Goals community.

Webapp, community

Don't Break The Chain!

Don't Break the Chain is based upon a motivation technique purportedly used by Jerry Seinfeld: 1) Pick a goal. 2) Mark off the days on which you work toward that goal. 3) Use your chain of marked off days as a motivator.


stickK − Change Starts Now

stickK enables users to form commitment contracts to help them achieve their personal goals. These goals may be to lose weight, run a marathon, exercise regularly or quit smoking. The difference is you put money on the line. If you don't meet your goals, the money is sent to a friend.

Community webapp, plus there's a supporting free iOS app.

Don't Break the Chain Calendar 2014

You guys keep asking me for it so here it is - the Don't Break the Chain Calendar 2014.

Karen Kavett has been making these downloadables for several years.

Downloadable calendars

Don't Break The Chain

One of the best videos I've seen explaining Don't Break the Chain.

Don't Break the Chain Calendar

Writer's Store offers this free 365 days in a glance PDF download.

Download PDF calendar.

Don't Break The Chain in 2014!

Read Watch Write's 2014 Calendar - free download in PDF form. 365 days at a glance.

PDF Calendar download

Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret

Lifehacker Post: When software developer Brad Isaac told us he had productivity advice from Jerry Seinfeld, we couldn't turn down the chance to hear more. Read on for the whole story from Brad.

Habit Streak Plan - Android Apps on Google Play

✓ Join over one hundred thousand users to achieve your goals with Habit Streak Plan. Nice looking Android app for setting out goals and tracking streaks.


Print This Four-Week Calendar to Use Seinfeld's Productivity Plan

Maxium Barrault wanted to implement Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret of forming a chain by crossing off the calendar every day, So he went old-school and created this printable four-week calendar for multiple tasks. Via Lifehacker, a dropbox shared file.

Calendar download.

Sciral Consistency

A calendar app for tracking non-time deliminated goals and tasks like habits.

Windows, MacOS and iOS.

Goal Streaks - Daily Goals & Habits Tracker

Achieve your goals by defining the regular activity that will get you closer to them and then tracking it. Whether it's "Write a Book" by "Spend 1 hour writing every day" or "Get Fit" by "Visit the gym 3 times a week", simply defining the actions and watching your progress will help you get there.

Once you've defined your goal, you use Goal Streaks to track the days you work on it. Build up a "streak" by hitting the schedule you define and then try to make the streak as long as possible. Use the daily notification to remind yourself to stay on track.

Goal Streaks lets you:

  • Add as many goals as you like
  • Review all your goals in a single dashboard view (along with the previous week of activity)
  • Tap on a date to mark that day 'done'
  • View your activity in a full-screen calendar view (smoothly scrolling from month to month)
  • Tap and hold on a date to add a note
  • Optionally, set a daily reminder for each goal at a time you choose
Habit List - Create good habits, break bad ones, build a better you

Create good habits. Break unhealthy ones. Build a better you. Habit List supports several goals and keeping motivated by steaks. Only shows what is due today.


Habits Pro - Organizer for Goals, Tasks and Health Tracking

Habits Pro is a slice of our legendary app - Track & Share - Need a broader set of items like customizable, visual scales? Then upgrade Habits Pro to Track & Share level with in-app purchase.

Review from US App Store April 22, 2013
I love this app and have used it daily for a year now! I made a "work out" category so I can set goals for how many minutes I want to do each week of cardio, abs, arms, etc as well as how many days I want to exercise each week. I use that category the most but I made categories for work and home as well.

Three categories are already set up in Habits Pro:
- Live a Healthy Life
- Be Social
- Exercise Your Mind

MacLife: "You can tweak and add to your heart's content."

Habits Pro = Intuitive Insightful Effective

- Unlimited category screens for organizing your habits
- Visual calendar
- Goals and tasks
- Custom icons (250+) or photos for your goals
- Number items, track weight, steps, BP
- Select active weekdays for recurring tasks
- Daily reminder
- Daily, weekly, and monthly graphs
- Interactive graphs with many details
- Statistics
- Color themes: Energy, Summer Day, ...
- Rename categories
- Set up your own items
- Password protection
- Backup and sharing via iCloud and Dropbox
- Powerful data export options

Item types available in Habits Pro: Yes / No, Time, Counters, Numbers

Multi-line diary notes that store photos, too

Limitation: this app does not feature visual scales like, for example, a pain scale that shows different smiley faces for each level of pain. Please look for Track & Share - Lite or Pro - for tracking any type of item, beyond habits. Or upgrade via in-app purchase directly from Habits Pro.